Werner Van Der Hoven introduces debut Afrikaans single “Wynland.

Werner Van Der Hoven, the June of the well-known duo Jack and June, let loose a bit with his solo debut in Afrikaans. His catchy single, “Wynland”, is not only about the Boland fruit itself, but is rather a love song that describes the beauty of being in love. It will inspire you to dance, it will possibly make you cry with happy longing, and you might even want to plant vineyards. The song truly captures the lively feeling of the wine country and all that it has to offer.

Van Der Hoven has a distinctive voice; he composes his own songs and loves making music. He lives on a farm near Stellenbosch and is inspired by the daily life of tractors going by with the harvest to the cellars. He enjoys the winelands bounty of a good glass of wine and plays his guitar and sings and writes in the evenings by the fireplace. Early in the morning he does the school run with his kids and then finds the rhythm of the day in more song and play.

His solo debut would have started with only one song, but now a full- length album that will be launched in August is already in the making.  Why is he suddenly singing in Afrikaans now you may ask? He answers: “I have been running away from my mother tongue for years. I have stumbled again and again to find her, but now feel very comfortable since I have put my ego aside. Now I can find the words easily and I am content to be able to create Afrikaans tunes.”

Pierre Greeff, lead vocalist of Die Heuwels Fantasties and director of Suprafamilias says: “I am excited about Werner`s debut solo single and forthcoming album. In my opinion, he is an exceptional songwriter and singer, one the pioneering artists of his generation. Fred den Hartog and I had a great time producing Werner`s music. It is an absolute privilege to be part of his new musical offering.”

The popular actress Marguerite van Eeden makes her directorial debut in the making of the video for “Wynland”. She says: “This has been a very exciting and challenging project for me. Luckily, I didn’t do it alone. Working with a dream team Damiane van Reenen (DOP), Pieter Booysen (HOD Lighting), Roy-Michael Harris (Line producer), Pierre Greeff (producer) and of course, Werner van der Hoven, made this fun and doable. I love what we have created and how everything came together seamlessly.”


Wynland Video: HERE

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