Nicholas Arumugam- Falling (Harry Styles Cover)



If I am totally honest with you, I am a bit of a One Direction closet fan, says the guy who based his whole music career and knowledge on Grunge, Rock, and Heavy Metal Music, but I do think as one grows up and you learn to appreciate the music of all genres, it eith becomes okay to admit it or you just too old enough to care and sometimes you just got pay tribute to a band like One Direction and admire what they achieved as a band and to think to yourself, they were at one stage one of the biggest bands in the world and doing it very well and for that reason alone I can’t fault them, yes I also do enjoy some of the band’s songs that I sometimes sing in the shower
So having confessed that, and after watching a few interviews with the lads on various talk shows, I must say I have really come to like Harry Styles, take nothing away from  the other band members, they are all great in their own right and all set for big things but Harry styles just had that something extra, like he was just made for stardom, so his career I have followed quite a lot over the years since he started doing solo stuff
So when Nicholas Arumugam landed u in my email box and sent me his version of Harry Styles’s song called Falling, I thought to myself WOW Nicholas, you got big shoes to fill over here, I hope you have what it takes. Well, Nicholas not only impressed me with his vocal ability but also with how he made the song his own. There are two things I look for in a cover, did the artist make it his own and did he stay true to the original I can honestly say he definitely ticked both boxes in my opinion

This track has everything you need in a pop song, great vocals, great music to accompany it, and a catchy chorus considering it is a cover of a well-known musician, this version does make me proudly South African, and I am almost tempted to say it better than the original (Please any HAarry Styles fans don’t send me hate mail) But I am very impressed and proud of Nicholas Arumugam
I am also a radio DJ and I will be adding this track to many playlists on my show I would be very surprised if other radio don’t do the same because this song is a real banger.
As well it being a great song, Nicholas has also shot a really great touching music video to with the song, The video was beautifully directed and filmed by Zac Harris and Danced by Tiffany Retallick, SongProduced and recorded by Andrew Sutton, Mastered by Wil Borza


I would like to congratulate everyone that worked on the track and video, you have all done very well and this makes me so proud of the musicians this country is producing. I hope the rest of the world sits and listens 

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Original Video Harry Styles  Falling


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