Join us on September 2nd, 2023, as we gather at Wolfkloof Wedding and Wine Venue in Robertson for a day filled with live music, delectable food, captivating art, and a vibrant atmosphere. The Wolfkloof Spring Music Festival promises to be a memorable experience
that showcases some of the best local talents while immersing attendees in the beauty of the Western Cape.

We are thrilled to unveil our lineup of exceptional bands and artists. This year’s festival promises to be an unforgettable experience, featuring a captivating array of performers that will leave music enthusiasts craving for more. The esteemed festival headliners, 1925 Band, West Coast
Wolves, and Millennium, are set to deliver exhilarating high-energy performances that will shake up the festival arena. In addition to the incredible headlining bands, it will also showcase a remarkable lineup of talented artists. The festival is set to captivate concert-goers with a blend of local musical talent, including but not limited to Rio Bezuidenhout, Michael Meiring, Keem Imri, and Tiaan Vyvfer.

The Wolfkloof Spring Music Festival will take place next to Wolfkloof’s dam, providing a beautiful and scenic backdrop for this exciting event. The stage will provide the perfect setting for music lovers to enjoy our band’s performances, while a beer tent and a variety of food and merchandise stalls will ensure that all attendees are well-fed and entertained. The festival’s art exhibition will serve as a platform for our valley’s exceptional artists to display their remarkable arts and crafts. Among the featured artists are Emma’s Art and Christwish
Mlungu, two beloved artisans who have captured the hearts of our community. Their distinctive
styles and captivating works of art have garnered immense admiration and support from art
enthusiasts throughout the valley.



Ticket sales will go live from the 1st of June 2023 via Quicket Website. Join The Wolfkloof Music Fest Website to get all the latest updates, and news and to find out more about the exciting festival. 


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