Van Der Aven introduces their brand-new rock single titled Oud Geword.

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Following the success of their debut EP (self-titled Van Der Aven), released late 2022, Van Der Aven announces their brand- new single Oud Geword. This catchy rock-driven single was released on Friday May 26th on all digital platforms, accompanied by a nostalgic music video.

Oud Geword is an alternative rock song written by Van Der Aven’s front man and songwriter, Roelof van der Merwe. He says: “All three of us are in our thirties now and so much has happened in the years we’ve been making music together. From small gigs, playing in corners where no one really pays you any attention, to shows where crowds wholeheartedly sing along to our songs. From three bachelors to now two married men, of which one is a dad of one (almost two)! It is important to take a moment to stop and ask: “How did we become this old?”

Recorded at Bellville Studios and produced with the help of music producer and artist Theo Crous, the track was a great collaborative experience. “It was incredible to work with Theo. He is one of South Africa’s most awarded music producers and is a living rock legend. We learned a lot from him, argued too (it’s not always smooth sailing in rock-n-roll!), and laughed A LOT. Theo is great!” says Roelof.


The collaboration between Van Der Aven and Theo Crous came about after the group won the very first Band Or Bust competition at the 2020 US Woordfees. As winners of the competition, Van Der Aven got the chance to meet Theo Crous and had the opportunity to work with him. Roelof says that it helped them to grow tremendously as musicians. “The opportunity to work with Theo was certainly one of the best prizes we won in the competition.”

Theo Crous says that it was a special experience for him too. “It was a tremendous privilege to work with Van Der Aven. They wanted to record more of an upbeat, rocky song, so we went for a more intense sound than what they are usually known for. It worked out very well and I am super proud of the final version of the song.”

The music video for Oud Geword was produced with the help of Frits Visser of Fried Film Club. For the video, the members of Van Der Aven went into the archives to look for video material from their upbringing. “The concept of the music video was to try to combine nostalgia and the present and thereby give viewers a better idea of who Van Der Aven is.”

About Van Der AvenVan Der Aven is an independent alternative rock group made up of three members: Roelof van der Merwe (writer, singer and guitarist), Theunis van der Merwe (singer and bass guitarist) and Paul Avenant (singer and drummer). The name Van Der Aven is a combination of the members’ surnames. All three members are from the Karoo with Paul originally from Murraysburg and the two brothers from Beaufort Wes. Van Der Aven was chosen as the winner of Band Or Bust at the 2020 Woordfees and has had the opportunity to share the stage with artists such as Elvis Blue, Francois van Coke, Arno Carstens, Droomsindroom, Glaskas and Spoegwolf.


Upcoming shows:

2 June – Pretoria Padstal with Spoegwolf.

3 June – Melk Fest in Pretoria.

28 June – After Dark and Two Oceans Aquarium.


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