JAP Coetzer’s exquisite paintings takes you on a journey this Father`s Day, in the inspiring video of his daughter AMANDALA’s new Afrikaans single “Bloukop Koggelmander.”


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This Father’s Day, prepare yourself for a captivating journey into the world of art and music. Join us as we delve into the enchanting realm of JAP Coetzer, an immensely talented painter from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. With strokes of brilliance reminiscent of the legendary Paul Cézanne, JAP Coetzer’s artistic prowess knows no bounds.

From a young age, JAP Coetzer’s innate talent for painting dazzled all who beheld his creations. With dedication and passion, he honed his skills from the tender age of 16, pouring his heart and soul into each brushstroke. His breathtaking masterpieces, reflecting the style of Cézanne, have been exhibited and sold in galleries in Port Elizabeth, Knysna, and Jeffreys Bay.

Despite his relatively low profile within South Africa’s art scene, JAP Coetzer’s unwavering commitment to painting and his unwavering support for his loved ones have left an indelible mark. In a heartfelt letter penned before his untimely death, he lovingly encouraged his daughter, Amanda, to pursue her musical dreams.

Amanda, known as AMANDALA, has carved her own path in the realm of music. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, she now divides her time between the evergreen landscapes of Seattle, WA, and the whimsical realm of Joshua Tree, CA. AMANDALA’s music possesses a rawness and crystalline sweetness that will leave you yearning for more. Her tunes currently grace the airwaves of numerous radio stations across the USA, as well as the beloved OFM in South Africa.


AMANDALA has shared the stage with various big names in the US over the past few years. Mike Stone, who toured with Pearl Jam, played drums for some of her shows. The violinist Andrew Joslyn from Macklemore and Davey Brozowski from Modest Mouse, both play on AMANDALA`s album Far&Wide. Trey Gun, formerly from King Crimson, opened for one of AMANDALA`s shows with his “war guitar.”

Bloukop Koggelmander was recorded in 2020 but was not released on AMANDALA`s then English album titled STRONGER. Her father particularly loved Bloukop Koggelmander because of its fun, upbeat and tongue in the cheek feel. After his sudden passing last year, Amanda decided to release the single this year, and for the video of the track, use a composition of moving images of JAP Coetzer`s paintings. She says: “I am loving the synergy of our combined talents and to share this song and video to our friends in South Africa.”

Frank Freeman from Eet Kreef Herleef and VOLK plays guitar on Bloukop Koggelmander. It was recorded at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch.”

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Contact Amanda for more information about JAP COETZER`s paintings: Tanzanitesky@gmail.com

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