Swiss Multi-Instrumentalist Solomon Levante Announces New Single Release, Showcasing Rock, Punk and Indie Influences.


Breaking onto the music scene with extraordinary talent and an eclectic mix of influences, the Swiss multi-instrumentalist, Solomon Levante is excited to announce the release of his anticipated new single All My Teachers which was produced by Filippo Dallinferno out now via Cactus Cat Records. At just 16 years old, Solomon has already a unique musical style that draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres including rock, punk, indie, and blues.
With an undeniable passion for music that has been nurtured from an early age, Solomon Levante has spent countless hours honing his craft and perfecting his skills on multiple instruments, he is now also studying music. From the guitar to the drums and bass, he displays an incredible versatility that shines through in his compositions.
Influenced by rock legends such as Jimi Hendrix, punk hardcore pioneers like Bad Brains, alternative indie icons such as Mac De Marco, and the timeless blues of artists like B.B. King, Solomon Levante has created a distinct sound that seamlessly weaves together elements from these diverse genres. His debut single promises to be a dynamic and captivating track that showcases his musical prowess and clever songwriting.
Speaking about his upcoming release, Solomon shared his excitement, saying, “I’ve never liked middle school. I still haven’t figured out if the problem was me or my teachers. The fact is that I always struggled to like them. So much so that one afternoon, after returning from school, I started writing this song. All the anger, stress, and frustration I had accumulated during the lessons poured into this song, in the style of a therapy session.”
Fans can expect a high-energy track that offers a taste of what is to come from this extraordinary young talent.


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