Louise Carver Presents Home Tour Live

 A show packed with South African Classics alongside Louise Carver’s greatest hits!

Saturday, 2nd September at 19h30 / Sunday 3rd September at 15h00 at Montecasino
Then tours to Pretoria / KZN / WC / JHB West Rand

Photo Credits: Kenny Williams

Photo Credits: Nick Boulton



As we celebrate Women’s Month in August and gear up for Heritage Month in September, renowned singer/songwriter Louise Carver is thrilled to announce Home Tour Live – a specially created theatre show – to celebrate South Africa’s diverse talent and extraordinary music.

Home Tour Lives launches at Pieter Toerien’s Studio Theatre, Montecasino, Johannesburg on Saturday, 

2nd September at 19h30 with a second performance on Sunday 3rd September at 15h00.

The show then heads to Pretoria, KZN (Durban), Western Cape (Hermanus, Paternoster and Cape Town), then back to Gauteng to finish up on 1st October on the West Rand.

 In the bustling financial hub of South Africa, a passionate advocate of local music, Louise Carver had a vision. She yearned to create a live show that would not only celebrate the songs she loved listening to, growing up, but also pay tribute to the incredible talent that has emerged in her beloved country. 

With unwavering determination, Louise set out to weave together a 75-minute feast for the ears, encompassing a wide variety of genres that have shaped the South African music landscape.

Louise knew that this show had to be more than just a regular gig; it needed to transcend the boundaries of ordinary performances and stand tall on theatre stages worldwide. She longed for a production that could evoke a sense of nostalgia and warmth, captivating audiences both at home and among expatriate communities across the globe. 

She sought out theatre producer and publicist Collett Dawson of The CoLab Network, to help guide the production and transform it into a slick, heart-warming showcase of South African music. Thus, Home Tour Live was born.



Unforgettable classics like Paradise Road by Joy, Weeping by Bright Blue, and Too Late for Mama by the legendary Brenda Fassie and more, will transport listeners to bygone eras while stirring emotions that were as relevant today as they were then. 

These iconic melodies will be perfectly intertwined with newer South African hits, such as Prime Circle’s infectious Pretty Like the Sun

Louise’s own chart-toppers, including Home and Empty Fantasy amongst others, will further add to the tapestry of sound, showcasing her talent and the depth of her musical prowess.

The show unfolds as a seamless blend of genres, from soulful ballads to upbeat rock anthems, from the heartfelt melodies of yesteryear to the vibrant rhythms of the present. 

The carefully curated setlist, along with the storytelling and performances, will transport the audience to a place where memories were made and emotions were stirred. 

The show will resonate with South Africans, both at home and abroad, serving as a bridge between distant lands and connecting expatriates to their roots.

On the stage, a trio of musical brilliance awaits. 



Louise Carver, with her unique vocals, takes her place at the piano centre stage. 

Simphiwe Kulla, a master of the guitar, lends his soulful melodies and harmonies, intertwining with Louise’s vocals, whilst Kenny Williams‘s percussive rhythms fill the air, adding depth and texture to the sonic tapestry. 

Together, their acoustic symphony unfolds, a captivating fusion of talent and passion.

When asked why she’s staging this show, Louise explained; “Yes we have challenges in South Africa. We all acknowledge that. But with Home Tour Live, I wanted to celebrate our unique sound and narrative, using music to uplift spirits and ignite pride in our beautiful country. With deep respect for our artists past and present, I hope the show fosters positive energy, even if for a fleeting moment.”



Getting to know Louise Carver

Louise Carver is a renowned South African singer-songwriter, known for her powerful vocals and emotive lyrics. 

At just fifteen years old, she was signed and released her debut single, It Don’t Matter, which quickly became a radio hit.

Carver’s career took off even further when she caught the attention of legendary deep house producer Kenny Hawkes, who worked with her on the hit track Play the Game, which reached number one in Europe. 

This success led to Sony UK licensing her song I’d Say Yes, which also reached number one in Europe, Russia, and South Africa.

She has to date, seven studio albums and one live album, 11 South African Music Award Nominations, two US Billboard no. 1’s and 16 top ten hits in South Africa. 

She has won Most Stylish Entertainer at the Style Awards and Most Glamorous Female for Glamour Magazine.

Louise was also a 46664 ambassador for the Nelson Mandela Trust and supported Micheal Bublè on his South African tour.



Louise Carver Presents Home Tour Live

A show packed with South African Classics alongside Louise Carver’s greatest hits!


Louise Carver presents HOME TOUR LIVE

Date                             City                              Venue                                                                     


2 & 3 September            Johannesburg              Pieter Toerien’s Studio Theatre, Montecasino

8 September                  Pretoria                        Atterbury Theatre, Lynnwood Manor

13 September                Durban                         The Barnyard Theatre, Suncoast Casino


15 September                Hermanus                     Hermanus Auditorium

16 September                Paternoster                   Die Koelkamers Teater

20 September                Cape Town                    The Barnyard Theatre, Tyger Valley


1 October                      Krugersdorp                  The Barnyard Theatre, Silverstar Casino

For all details on dates, times, ticket prices and booking details, visit HERE

 The hope is to continue a “Phase 2” part of Home Tour Live early next year, to reach other cities and provinces, while also looking at international tour opportunities too, taking the show to the expats.

 Louise Carver concludes, “My hope is that Home Tour Live can continue for many years, touching the hearts of South Africans not only here in SA, but also reaching expats abroad. Reigniting their connection to the magnificent beauty of South Africa and reminding them of the place they’ll forever call home.
But first, I hope to see all those who celebrate South Africa and more importantly, our colourful tapestry of music, at one of these shows and celebrate Heritage Month with us.”

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