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Ziggy Alberts, independent Australian singer-songwriter, today releases his latest project, ‘Friends Edition’. A collaborative, artist-community-driven album release that showcases a unique reimagination of Alberts’ songs by some of his closest and most talented friends.
This collaborative album celebrates the artistic contributions of nine incredible artists from all around the globe, each of whom lends their creative prowess to produce their take on his beloved fan favorites.  
Reflecting on the inspiration behind the project, Ziggy Alberts shares, “Over the last decade, I’ve been lucky to have made some really good friends who also happen to be some of my favorite songwriters and musicians. And over the years, I’ve curated a playlist called ‘My Friends’ on Spotify – which consisted of their songs. It was from this playlist and a coffee conversation with my sister that the idea for ‘Friends Edition’ was born. Now nine of my musician friends have taken my songs, turned them into something of their own, and a whole new dimension has appeared… [These are] people I truly appreciate and respect as musicians, songwriters, and friends. I think this genuine touch takes this album’s collaborative spirit to another level.”
Alberts proudly presents a collective of exceptional talent, who have come together on his ‘Friends Edition’ project.
Gracing this collaboration is Emily Brimlow, the Canadian-born pop-soul singer-songwriter whose whimsical beachy vocals take listeners on a uniquely reflective musical journey.

Garrett Kato, a platinum-certified artist born in Canada but now based in Australia, is renowned for his dynamic pursuits as a producer, unfiltered songwriting, and masterful arrangement skills. Notably, Kato also co-produced on Alberts’ iconic 2018 album, “Laps Around The Sun.”

The talented Aussie indie folk duo, Hollow Coves lend their talent to the project. Their music is a rich amalgamation of reflective storytelling, harmonious vocals, and earthy melodies; they transport audiences to a realm of musical bliss.

Harrison Storm, hailing from the picturesque Mornington, Victoria, enchants with his soulful vocals and exquisite finger-picked guitar skills, drawing comparisons to revered contemporary Ben Howard.

Younghearted, is a Finnish trio recognized for their soft-pop, acoustic-driven music, and electrifying live shows. Their outstanding talent garnered them a nomination for Band of the Year at the prestigious Finnish Grammy Awards in 2020.

Also featuring on the project is Maddy May, an independent Australian artist from Philip Island who is embarking on an exciting journey of artistic growth and exploration. Her commitment to pushing musical boundaries and connecting with her ever-expanding fan base is evident in her evolving sound and captivating performances.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the rhythmic prowess of Bobby Alu, a Samoan/Australian maestro whose smooth feels and harmonies evoke the sensation of sipping a cocktail as the sun sets on a balmy evening.

Adding to the lineup is the acclaimed Australian singer-songwriter and touring troubadour Kim Churchill. Known for his laidback folk style, Churchill’s music continues to resonate with an ever-growing fanbase, as evidenced by his platinum-certified 2023 release, “Window to the Sky,” and gold-certified 2017 hit, “Second Hand Car.” Churchill is set to support Ziggy on a North American tour this July.

Rounding out this stellar lineup is Tay Oskee, yet another remarkable Australian singer-songwriter who offers his talent to the project. In his own music, Oskee weaves heartfelt lyrics reflecting his past, present, and future experiences, drawing inspiration from living amongst the Yolngu people of North East Arnhem Land, the tropical beauty of his hometown Mission Beach, and the irresistible allure of the horizon.

1 Searching For Freedom (Friends Edition) Emily Brimlow, Ziggy Alberts
2 Love Me Now (Friends Edition) Garret Kato, Ziggy Alberts
3 Laps Around The Sun (Friends Edition) Hollow Coves, Ziggy Alberts
4 Stronger (Friends Edition) Harrison Storm, Ziggy Alberts
5 Yu (A Song For Koda) (Friends Edition) Younghearted, Ziggy Alberts
6 On Hold (Friends Edition) Maddy May, Ziggy Alberts
7 Heartbeat (Friends Edition) Bobby Alu, Ziggy Alberts
8 Getting Low (Friends Edition) Kim Churchill, Ziggy Alberts
9 Don’t Get Caught Up (Friends Edition)  Tay Oskee, Ziggy Alberts

‘Friends Edition’ reflects the unique style and musical essence of the featured artist, while still staying true to the core messages and emotions Ziggy Alberts’ original compositions are known for. This project adds a new dimension to Alberts’ discography and amplifies a sense of community among fans who can share in a love for beautiful music and genuine friendships.

Founder of his own independent label, earning numerous ARIA Platinum certifications, and an APRA 2022 award winner, Alberts has managed to craft what many musicians and authors dream of – the ability to tell a story on their own terms. With over 1.6 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone, global show sizes on the continuous rise, and praise from the likes of Billboard Magazine, American Songwriter, EarMilk, and Clash UK, there is no doubt this will be Ziggy Alberts’ year.

“Ziggy Alberts is an Aussie troubadour, songwriter, and poet. His visceral lyrics tell deeply personal stories of life, love, the human condition, and the cultural complexities we navigate – while his catchy acoustics deliver each message with the sort of indie-folk simplicity that sticks,”  Skye Mallac, Texx and the City

“Ziggy Alberts has always imbued his art with a special aura – this ineffable warm glow resonating throughout his songs – yet never before has he shined as bright or sounded as bold as he does on his fifth studio album. The coastal folk singer/songwriter turns his visceral inward focus out on society and the world at large in searching for freedom, a record whose powerful messages of sustainability, peace, justice, and understanding are sure to resonate with all who listen.”– Atwood, UK

“For fans who’ve been following Ziggy’s career from day dot, his increasing popularity wouldn’t come as a shock. To everyone else, the Ziggy story is probably still something of a surprise. He’s a self-made success, and it’s a grassroots swell plenty of people are getting behind” – Triple J

“Alberts has proven time and again that his back-to-basics approach to production and songwriting has left him one of the most reliably authentic artists on the scene.” – Pop Wrapped, US

“Folk-hewn but modern-facing, his work sits alongside those early Ben Howard cuts or even Jack Johnson, that kind of slick but still endearingly earnest musicality.”–  Clash, UK

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