Rising South African Pop Singer Hira Empowers Youth with New Single and Music Video “If I”



“If I” is the new single from Hira, a young and dynamic South African pop singer making waves in the music industry with her powerful and mesmerizing vocals. Drawing inspiration from iconic artists like Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Freddy Mercury, she has crafted a unique sound that resonates with fans.
This soul-stirring single and its accompanying music video offer a powerful message of self-discovery and self-love, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of introspection in these challenging times.
In an era marked by uncertainty and self-doubt, Hira takes the stage as a beacon of inspiration for the youth. “If I ” is a heartfelt anthem that encourages young minds to pause, reflect, and embrace the profound concept of self-love. With poignant lyrics like “If I found me, could I love me like you,” the song beautifully illustrates the idea that the love we receive from others can serve as a mirror, reflecting the potential for deep and meaningful self-acceptance.
“We all face moments of doubt and self-critique, but ‘If I Found Me’ reminds us that self-love is a journey—one that we can embark upon together. This song is a reminder that the love we receive from those around us is a reflection of our own worth, and that journeying towards self-love is a powerful and transformative experience.” Comments Hira on the inspiration for the song.


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If I is available now on all digital platforms including Spotify Deezer Apple Music

Born and raised in Cape Town, Hira discovered her passion for singing at the tender age of 9. From that moment, she knew music was her calling and pursued it with unwavering dedication. At just 9 years old, she made her debut as a vocalist with a band, confidently belting out the hit song “Who Says” by Selena Gomez. Her early start showcased her immense talent and set the stage for her remarkable journey ahead.
As Hira continued to nurture her love for music, she joined forces with like-minded musicians to form the band Normativity. Together, they embarked on an adventure of musical exploration, refusing to be confined by genres and eager to push boundaries with their innovative soundscapes.
In 2021, Hira took a leap toward her solo career and released her debut single, “Run.” The captivating track quickly caught the attention of the music industry and listeners alike, gaining widespread popularity and making its way onto mainstream radio. The success of “Run” marked the beginning of a promising solo career and solidified her position as a rising star in the South African music scene.
Beyond the spotlight and the stage, She sees singing as more than just a profession—it’s a powerful means of inspiring and connecting with others. She believes in the transformative power of music and strives to use her platform to spread positivity and encouragement. Through her heartfelt performances and empowering lyrics, Hira aims to instill self-belief and promote self-love among her audience.
With a string of successes behind her and a passion for music that knows no bounds, Hira continues to make her mark on the music industry. Her journey from a young girl with a dream to a celebrated pop sensation is a testament to her unwavering dedication, unmatched talent, and genuine desire to inspire others.
As she continues to evolve and create captivating music, Hira remains an inspiration to aspiring musicians and fans alike, proving that with determination, talent, and a heart full of passion, dreams can become reality. Keep an eye on this rising star as she sets her sights on conquering hearts and stages worldwide, one soul-stirring melody at a time.


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  1. I simply Adore her Vocals and have been following up on her AMAZING TALENT as an Inspiring Musician.She is Truly a most Dedicated Artist we as South Africans can be Proud of.You Rock HIRA.

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