Popular South African singer in Belgium, Stefan Dixon, releases his first Afrikaans single in ten years titled ‘Vanaand gaan ons terug’

South African singer Stefan Dixon, who was signed to Universal Music South Africa in 2012,  followed the love of his life across the oceans and emigrated to Belgium in 2014. Shortly after he arrived abroad, he met the popular Flemish singer Klaas Delrue and together they released the hit collab single ‘Vir nou/Voor nu” in 2016. Dixon says: “We were two musicians from different worlds, but the connection was instant. We realized that we lived almost parallel lives at the time and decided to write a song together. Klaas convinced me to continue writing in my mother tongue with the result that our song was released as a mix of Afrikaans and Flemish. ‘Vir nou/Voor nu’ became a hit single. It reached the Top 20 on Belgium Radio 1 and was also one of the top 100 songs in the Benelux (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg) in 2017.

Dixon says that he was lucky to have gained instant recognition in the European musical landscape through the release of ‘Vir nou/Voornu.’ Today he is known in Belgium`s music scene as their “favorite South African.” The Dutch Music Festival “Festival voor het Afrikaans” named him as one of the most important roleplayers in bridging the musical landscapes between South Africa, Belgium, and Holland.

Dixon says that it has been heartening that Belgium and the Flemish welcomed him with open arms. “Yet,” he adds, “home is where the heart is. I did my first theatre tour in Belgium in March 2020 and I was supposed to go back to South Africa to visit my friends and family straight after the tour. I was excited to be back in Cape Town after 6 years of living abroad. We all know what happened next. Because of the Covid pandemic, I had to wait two more long years before I could travel to see everyone that I missed so much. It was a difficult time. My new Afrikaans single ‘Vanaand gaan ons terug’ was written during this time of longing for Cape Town and its people.

‘Vanaand gaan ons terug` is Stefan Dixon`s first single release in South Africa in ten years. He says: “I am super excited about the release of this new song. It`s like a hearty full circle for me. I hope that people will enjoy the tune.”

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