Feeling Trapped Doesn’t Mean You’re Not Moving Forward, According To So Kindly’s New Single “These Four Walls”
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The Zimbabwean-born world traveler So Kindly, currently based in the UK, is back after more than a year without releasing new music. He spent the year writing and recording with award-winning producer Jon Gilbert (Mt. Joy, Flipturn, Pete Yorn, The Kills, Alina Baraz, Banks, The Circle Jerks, and The Melvins) in Los Angeles, USA.
A rush of warm instrumentals, dynamic arrangements, lush guitar, and distinct, earthy vocals tell it how it is. So Kindly’s musiccape is reminiscent of Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, and Paul Simon; all the while harnessing the essentials of modern radio-ready contemporary music.
“These Four Walls” places you in the shoes of So Kindly and draws you into his world of vulnerability. It captivates the listener’s attention and takes them from reality and into the four walls that So Kindly is surrounded by. The song’s lyrics are relatable, most of us have felt trapped – mentally, emotionally, and physically. The arrangement is diverse, giving all instruments their day in the sun; from delicate lap steels to driving bass and small keyboard motifs; it is one to put on repeat. All day long.

“I think it’s a universal feeling to want more out of our desires and it can sometimes feel like we are so far away from achieving our goals that the journey towards them can, at times, be unbearably painful,” says So Kindly
The lyrics symbolize being trapped in a box, where the walls are caving in, suffocating. Draining any fight left inside of you to the point you are crying out on your knees. The box holds you back, preventing you from reaching your goals and becoming the person you want to be.
In So Kindly’s case these are linked to the feelings of urgency and deep desire to advance in his music career. For him, breaking down the walls iss about confronting self-doubt, pushing through the sacrifices required, and maintaining the unwavering belief in his artistic vision whilst balancing the complexities of personal relationships with loved ones.

Stream/Listen to “These Four Walls” HERE
So Kindly says that the recording process was quite the opposite of the lyrical themes. He went on to say “That feeling of being in The US and recording music with a producer I admired so much, felt like my dreams were coming true, which is why it was ironic that the song is essentially about the feeling of being stuck and chasing dreams that feel unattainable.”
Before recording “These Four Walls” (with award-winning producer Jon Gilbert at his Wildflower studio in Pasadena, LA) was preceded by discussing life, careers, and everything in between. So Kindly elaborates “Jon truly became a kind of mentor for me in many ways, more than just musically, and I think we captured a sound that I had been searching for, for a few years.”

So Kindly recently signed an exclusive agreement with boutique indie label Tic Tic Bang (home to Sean Koch, Samuel Miller & Mann Friday). So Kindly and Tic Tic Bang have a series of singles coming out over the next 6 months, during the release cycle So Kindly is writing and recording his next project. He will be in Southern Africa towards the end of 2023 and out on the road again in Europe and the UK in 2024.


[Pictured: So Kindly. Photo by: Obscura Films (@obscura_films_)]

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