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20 jaar van VUUR SPEEL by Loftus D-veld

Hunter Kennedy, Francois van Coke, Wynand Myburgh, Johnny de Ridder, Jaco Snakehead Venter

Photo by Michael Ellis

To be a successful rock band in South Africa for two decades is no small feat. And the band is taking this milestone and their success over the years in their stride.

On 7 October, Fokofpolisiekar are throwing their biggest birthday party EVER at Loftus D Field in Pretoria to celebrate their historic twenty-year existence in true Fokofpolisiekar-style with a day packed with fun!


Be the first to hear Fokofpolisiekar’s new music!

The people who attend the 20 jaar van VUUR SPEEL party will be the very first to hear Fokofpolisiekar’s new music. The new album will only be released on 9 November.

The new album’s work-in-progress tracks will be played in the Jägermeister listening tent the whole day long. Fokofpolisiekar’s members will attend the listening session from 11h00 to 12h00 to hang out with their fans and answer questions.

At least two of the new songs will feature on Fokofpolisiekar’s 90-minute career-spanning set list for this party.

Limited edition T-shirts exclusive to this event!

At the party, Merch On Demand is going to print a limited number of limited edition T-shirts; entirely exclusive to this event. The design will be the same as Fokofpolisiekar’s first t-shirt design which was last printed in 2003.



Fokofpolisiekar is bringing a formidable line-up of acts with them to share the stage at Loftus D Field.

Koos Kombuis, AKING, BEAST, Fuzigish, and Springbok Nude Girls have all played important roles in Fokofpolisiekar’s twenty-year existence and are joining this party.

And the MC is none other than Jack Parow!

Date: 7 October 2023

Plek: Loftus D Field, Pretoria

Gates open: 11h00



Facebook Event page


11pm: Fokofpolisiekar album listening session in the Jägermester tent

12pm: Koos Kombuis

1pm: AKING

2pm: BEAST

3pm: Fuzigish

4pm: Springbok Nude Girls

5pm: Fokofpolisiekar

Except for the exceptionally popular t-shirts, the following Fokofpolisiekar items will also be on sale at the 20 Jaar van VUUR SPEEL party:



Biografie van ‘n Bende Tapes     Vinyl

These items are also on sale at 



Fokofpolisiekar invited their supporters to get involved in the making of their new album by making donations or purchases at This will enable Fokofpolisiekar to fund the new album. The band already raised over R200 000 in profit.


 Thank you for helping us make another masterpiece.” Fokofpolisiekar




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Live show

Hit: Komma




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