Watch the music video for “Right Here Now” HERE


[Pictured: Veranda Panda]
Photo credit: Kale Murdock

[Durban, South Africa – 29 September 2023] – Veranda Panda, the dynamic musical fusion of Liam and Jane, is set to captivate audiences once again with their latest release, “Right Here Now.” The single carries a poignant message that encourages listeners to embrace the present moment and find solace amidst life’s chaos.
Jane from Veranda Panda shares her insight into the essence of the song: “This song is about remembering to find yourself in the heart of noise: We often get so easily wrapped up in so many different things that can distract from the present moment, and living in that present moment to the full. This song is a reminder for us, and hopefully for anyone else who hears it, to not be afraid to press pause, embrace where you are in your life- for both the beauty and the chaos- and to be present.”

With Jane’s evocative vocals and celebration of creative feminine energy harmonizing with Liam’s vibrant production, “Right Here Now” promises to transport listeners from the blossoming of spring into a summer filled with love. The track underscores the importance of living in the moment, cherishing every instant, and making the most of life’s unique experiences.
The music video for “Right Here Now” is released alongside the single. The video was filmed on location by Kale Murdock of ‘Murdock Creative’, in Jane Linley-Thomas’s ‘The ReJoyce Collection’ a preloved- fashion playground; featuring a cross-section of women who embody and own their unique beautiful brand of color, strength, and freedom. Styled and brought to vibrancy through the magical eye of Jane Linley-Thomas and her incredible collection, this music video invites us into a magical world of joy and reminds us that we can celebrate and play in the most unlikely of places. What seemed like a garage was a gateway to a world of love, energy, and creativity. We don’t need to delay our happiness; we can all find the magic where we are right here, right now. It’s not what you look at, but rather what you see.


Watch the music video for “Right Here Now” HERE


Veranda Panda is the culmination of thirteen years of musical synergy between Liam and Jane, an amalgamation of electronic beats and live instrumentation that seamlessly blends genres and defies conventions. Their journey began in a hidden chamber of Durban’s Origin Nightclub, and since then, they have ventured far and wide, captivating audiences across various platforms, from clubs to theatres.
Liam, a multifaceted artist, has made his mark in the world of music, television, modeling, MC work, and stage design. His music spans the spectrum from chart-topping hits to underground anthems, all driven by his passion for storytelling through performance.
Jane, an exceptional violinist, has a background working with the prestigious KZN Philharmonic Orchestra. Her virtuosity and infectious musicality have graced diverse settings, from classrooms to jazz clubs, weddings, and full-scale musical productions.
The unlikely fusion of EDM and Violin has propelled Veranda Panda to become one of South Africa’s most original and popular acts. Their music has resonated not only on local stages but also internationally, with performances in London, Paris, Sweden, Reunion Islands, and Frankfurt. They have supported renowned artists such as ‘Goldfish,’ ‘Goodluck,’ and ‘Jack Parow,’ among others.
Veranda Panda is not just your ordinary DJ duo; they are a live electronic act that creates and performs music across a wide range of genres, including Funk, Pop, House, and Hip-Hop. Their adaptability, passion, and boundless energy make each performance a mutual creation between the artists and the audience.
With a substantial presence at South Africa’s major music festivals, chart-topping radio singles, and a reputation as ‘Durban’s finest,’ Veranda Panda continues to be a vital force in the country’s music scene.
“Right Here Now” is set to enchant listeners with its powerful message and captivating sound.

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