Embrace your inner power.

Addiction begins with a choice. The repercussions of that choice can be extensive and damaging, not only does it affect the addict it also destroys the lives of those close to them. During October RADA creates awareness of the very hard-hitting social issue of drug and alcohol addiction, with
the aim to encourage individuals to ultimately focus on making positive life decisions.

Life can sometimes be tough and when one feels low, lost and alone faced with dark options, this is when you need to find your inner power, take control, and do the right thing. Just because your journey is different does not mean you can’t be a success. Sadly, substance abuse is prevalent in all communities and on all levels. It is every individual’s responsibility to stop the cycle which directly or indirectly affects us all. It takes an immense
amount of courage to acknowledge an addiction and seek the necessary help to overcome it.

Finding your passion will keep you focused and inspired to remain positive in achieving your
goals in life.

Get involved with your community by assisting those in need. Donate some of your time to helping and making a difference in the lives of others. Keep yourself and those around you motivated in a positive way and be reminded of the bigger picture in your journey. Find the courage and strength to say ‘no’ and become a meaningful contributor to humanity, recognizing the fact that we are all created to be victorious.
Be the Way …Be the Change …One Day at a Time.

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