David Torrance Chats To Fanbase Music Magazine About New Single Face In The Mirror, And More

Interviewed By Duzzy Clayton 


Scotland-based musician and songwriter David Torrance is back with his amazing new single called Face In the Mirror. We chatted to him about the new single as well as his new instrumental EP and also signing with Slip Stream Among other cool things 

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Hi David Welcome back to Fanbase Music Magazine, the last time we spoke you were releasing ‘Step out of the Rain’, I found the single to have done quite well, how do you feel about the release of that track, and how did it go?
I released my new track ‘Step Out Of The Rain’ and in its first week on Spotify alone, it achieved over 400 streams and is still doing very well on all the major platforms.
For people who don’t know yet can you give us a brief update on where you are from and where you grew up?
I was born in Glasgow, let’s say, a few years ago, and was then brought up in a place just outside of Glasgow, called Cambuslang. I went to primary school in Cambuslang, and then attended Cathkin High School after moving to a new scheme called ‘Whitlawburn.’ I now stay in a place just outside of East Kilbride called Strathaven, this is where my home and studio is and has been for the last 16 years.
What is your earliest music memory? 
My earliest musical memory would be of my father, strumming an old guitar. We also had a piano in the house and he would occasionally play that as well. Although he was not the best musician in the world, he could knock a tune out of both of those instruments and taught me a few chords and sent me to piano lessons when I was 7.
Who is your ultimate inspiration when it comes to music?
I am inspired by great melodies and have always strived to write what I call ‘Postman’s Music’ in other words, the music the postman whistles when delivering your mail.
Okay, let us talk about the new track namely, Face in the Mirror, can you tell us what the song is about and how it became an idea into a song?
‘Face In The Mirror’ is a song about my father. The inspiration came one day as I was sitting at my piano and there was a mirrored wall to the left-hand side of me, and I could swear that I saw his face in the mirror, that is how the title came about, and basically I wrote the song and lyrics around that title.
Did the lyrics come quickly to you or did you have to work out the lyrics as you went with this track?
Normally I struggle with lyrics, but in the case of ‘Face In The Mirror’ the lyrics came very, very easily.
what was the recording process like?
I do most of my preproduction work in my studio in Strathaven, but after coming up with the chord structure and melody, I decided to send this track to a wonderful pianist and arranger who stays in England and was at my primary and secondary school (high school) his name is Tom Wilson, and Tom done the wonderful piano arrangement you hear on this track. I then brought a lead guitarist in and sent everything to Stealth Recording Studio, where I laid down an acoustic guitar and vocals, and then it was mixed and mastered to the finished product that is out there on all major platforms.
Your son handles your IT part of the band, can you first give him a shout on who he is and what exactly it is he does?
Allan handles all of THPSongs IT and promotion as well as running his own promotional business called RhetoricSound.com which provides artists and bands with everything they need from album covers, videos, websites, to radio play.
You have just signed a deal with Slip Stream, can you explain exactly what is Slip Stream and how that deal came about?
Slip.Stream is based in New York, and they heard two of my instrumentals on a music licensing website called SyncR and immediately wanted to use them.
You have also got an instrumental EP out, what is it called and what is the concept of the EP?
Slip.Stream decided to take five of my instrumentals and release them on an EP called ‘Sonic Synthesis’ by David Torrance. The concept is orchestral electronic instrumentals for possible use in films, TV, and adverts, as well as just enjoying listening to them.
Where can people find your music?
People can find my music on all major platforms by typing ‘David Torrance’, or you can go straight to our website THPSongs.com to see the latest releases and videos, by not only myself but other artists that I have written for over the years.
Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers?
Well myself and THPSongs have always had the saying ‘Onwards and Upwards’
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