Singer-Songwriter Michael Neill Releases Emotional Masterpiece with “Waiting For Me”

Watch the music video for “Waiting For Me” HERE

[pictured: Michael Neill]
Photographer credit – Dean Meyer


Renowned singer and artist Michael Neill is poised to captivate hearts and souls once again with his latest single, “Waiting For Me”. A multifaceted talent known for his technically skilled vocals and inspirational songwriting, Neill brings forth an upbeat and optimistic narrative with his latest single about how love never dies. 

“Waiting For Me” is more than just a song; it’s a poignant exploration of love lost and the enduring hope of its rekindling. With a lyrical depth drawn from his own personal experiences with loss and the grieving process, Michael Neill’s music becomes a form of therapeutic expression, resonating with anyone who has ever felt the pain of parting ways with a loved one.

In his own words, Michael Neill shares, “All my writing comes from an autobiographical standpoint, so I wrote this song about my own personal experiences with loss and the grieving process. Writing this song was a very cathartic experience, and I know it will resonate with people because we have all known the pain of loss.”

“Waiting For Me” seamlessly blends Neill’s powerful vocals with his emotive songwriting, delivering a moving and soul-stirring melody. The lyrics, described by Neill as self-explanatory, offer solace and nostalgia, providing comfort to those who have experienced loss.

Michael Neill releases the music video, “Waiting For Me,” alongside the single, which beautifully captures the essence of a song that explores the theme of mourning lost love while maintaining the belief in a reunion in another life.

Watch the music video for “Waiting For Me” HERE

Right from the start, the video concept aimed for simplicity and grandeur, a breathtakingly beautiful visual experience. Drawing inspiration from the AI-generated cover for the single, where Michael walks above the clouds in an alternate reality, the video’s aesthetics were carefully chosen. The location, a rooftop in Cape Town overlooking the city, was aptly named “the in-between” – a symbolic realm bridging two worlds. This choice allowed the focus to be on Michael’s emotive performance, bringing the song’s lyrical significance vividly to life.

Throughout the video, the presence of distant paragliders serves as a metaphorical representation of lovers’ souls searching to reunite on the other side. Their graceful flight adds depth to the narrative, echoing the sentiment of the song’s lyrics.

The video begins with a poetic quote: “Our souls recognize each other from lifetimes past, and they will continue to intertwine in lifetimes to come.” This sets the tone for the poignant yet optimistic message that “Waiting For Me” conveys.

Michael Neill shares his excitement about the video’s release, emphasizing its role in enhancing the music and lyrics. “I am thrilled to release not only the song but of course, the music video which serves the music and especially the lyrics. I had an incredible time filming and editing this project along with my team and I really hope it resonates with a lot of people and I can’t wait to perform it LIVE at my next show.”

In addition to his music career, Michael Neill is the creative director and founder of “Michael Neill Apparel,” a fashion brand that beautifully complements his musical artistry. Launched in 2021, Michael Neill Apparel has made waves in South Africa and beyond, showcasing the perfect fusion of music and fashion. Neill’s passion for fashion is evident in his music videos and stage presence.

Currently, Michael Neill is a prominent figure in multiple productions, including his own shows, and has seen his singles climb the charts in South Africa, with international success on the horizon. He is known for his hands-on approach to his music, involving himself in every aspect of his creations, exemplifying the traits of a perfectionist.

One distinctive feature of Michael Neill as an artist is his fearlessness, not only as a singer-songwriter but also as an entertainer and performer who captivates audiences, leaving them with special and unforgettable experiences. His music breathes life into the stories he tells, revealing not just a good singer but an emotional voice that touches the soul—a true storyteller.

While his prominent genre is Pop, Michael Neill is currently exploring new horizons which has already seen him work with Dave Pearce from Pascal & Pearce at the infamous Cosher Studios. He is also working on several R&B and Electro Pop tracks in collaboration with various rappers and songwriters, pushing the boundaries of his sound and showcasing his versatility.

In celebration of the release, Cape Town fans will be able to see Michael Neill live at A Touch of Madness in Observatory on Friday October 6th. Tickets are available now through Quicket or click HERE.

“Waiting For Me” is promising to be a standout addition to Michael Neill’s impressive body of work. For more information and updates on Michael Neill’s music and fashion endeavors, follow him on Website and Instagram


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