Solid Gold Sunday announces band and debut EP “Live Long / Die Young”


A once fertile field for punk rock, East Rand gives rise to old-school scene veterans seeking out nostalgia over modern pop culture. Solid Gold Sunday features members of past and present punk rock and hardcore bands Humphrey The Teacup, The Stevie Wonderfuls, Ceasefire, The Southshore Ramblers, The Schrutes, One80, Truth & Its Burden, and Lower Hollow; all working together to bring a forgotten era of classic punk rock back to the forefront.
What started out in 2021 as an idea to learn & perform classic punk covers, soon evolved into a songwriting and recording project; eventually bringing on a full lineup to exist as something more than a garage band. Solid Gold Sunday speaks to a generation lost in the waning of age and the comforts of growing older, grasping the wisdom gained through the glory days of being in young angst punk bands.
3 Chords and singalong; memorable moments and a torch well worth passing onto a new generation. The debut EP “Live Long / Die Young” is set for release on 13th October 2023.
Watch the debut music video for the first single “A New Direction”: HERE

“Our debut single “A New Direction” speaks to people always trying to hold you back from reaching whatever your potential might be. Having been around a long time in this music industry, playing in various bands; you don’t stay in the game this long by letting every naysayer beat to you down. You really have to wear your heart on your sleeve and you gotta face people and the world head on. Sometimes you gotta flip ’em the bird and just push on through it all” – Ashley De Beer
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