Cindy Louise- Innocence

Reviewed by Dyzzy Clayton



One of my favorite singers is back with her new single, after the success of her last single Outcast, Cindy Louise is back with latest single Innocence, and trust me, she did not disappoint 

Upon first listening to the track and the lyrics, I was taken aback by the emotion and passion I heard in her voice. 
The music itself is also very good and quite dramatic from start to finish, It doesn’t take long for Cindy to start singing and I feel with the lyrics and singing, it’s like a hard punch hit to the head. Taking you on an emotional journey and quickly getting to the catchy chorus. 
Cindy does that thing that I always loved bout her, there are certain phrases or parts of the song where Cindy kind of screams the lyrics and you can just hear the power and talent in her voice, this girl has certainly got a great set of lungs on her and she uses them so well in her singing and breathing technique 
Like her past track Outcast and everything she has released before that, this song kind of gives me the feeling of empowerment, something she manages to do each and every time, no matter what the past did and broke her. It built her to get where she is today, and as she says in her lyrics, my innocence is gone, there is no turning back, but after listening to this track, I almost feel this is okay because Im stronger a person for it 
Cindy Louise teams up once again with Erick Gerber on guitars and Calibeats (Callum Melville) on additional instruments, talking about Callum Melville also produced the track at Calibeats with Martijn de Groot on sound engineering, and one thing I want to say about the recording and production of this song, is top-notch, and everything from the vocals to music to the recording and quality of sound is amazing, but I didn’t expect any different from a release from Cindy Louise, in my opinion she can’t put out a bad track because she is so talented and always has a great team around her 

One thing Cindy also puts a lot of thought into is the artwork for each track, and this single’s artwork is no exception, the awesome artwork, as well as the photos for this single, was done by Shaun Leighton, and I feel Shaun captured the mood and subject matter of the song, and they don’t judge a book by its cover but in this instance, I think the art work helps sell the song for whats its worth and about. 

The same can be said for the video of this track, Cindy didn’t just get a camera and start recording, I can see the thought process that went into the video and sells the subject matter beautifully, watch the music video below:


Cindy Louise Comments about the track: “For approximately two years now, I’ve been meticulously crafting this song. It’s imbued with profound pain and intense emotion, making it quite a challenge to determine the exact sound I wanted it to encapsulate. Initially, my desire was for the song to embody a smooth, dark pop genre. However, as I delved deeper into its creation, I found myself growing increasingly agitated. “
Cindy Further says: “This ultimately led me to a revelation – this song, while tinged with sadness, also held a powerful undertone of empowerment. This song, to me, symbolizes a fresh chapter in my life. It serves as a transparent medium, allowing individuals to gain insight into my genuine emotions and the journey I undertook to reach my current position. The lyrics affectingly narrate my tale of abruptly confronting a life-altering experience, and the subsequent realization that every moment thereafter requires a fight. It’s a harrowing lesson in understanding that not everyone embodies authenticity. The purity and innocence of childlike trust in others has dissipated, leaving me awash with sorrow.”
Cindy Adds: “I found myself greatly attracted to the artist Evanescence and was profoundly inspired. In my composition, I particularly appreciated the extended melodic chorus and the sudden versus. I also devoted significant attention to the instrumentation, with the intent for the song to burst with sound. This composition forms part of a three-track extended play (EP), and I anticipate with great enthusiasm your responses to the remaining pieces. It narrates a tale of resilience amidst rupture, and I have found the strength to express and share this openly”.


 Like most of Cindy’s music I think I would listen to this song when I need to feel inspired, or empowered, when I know I have been through some stuff, I want to listen to this track to remember how far I’ve come and  hear me Roar 
I would like to congratulate Cindy Louise and everyone who worked on this track, I foresee this being a hit track on commercial stations around the world and if anything I am sure it is going to inspire and empower other people as it did me, Well Done 
Cindy Louise- Innocence is out now on all Streaming Platforms 

You put it there with secrets and my unknowing despair

My innocence is gone

There’s no going back

The glass mirrors shattered there’s no turning back

Betrays has won and fingers coil my skin

My innocence is gone there’s no turning back

What am I supposed to do

You’ve left me broken and helpless ready for the kill

The wolves surround my every thought I know I’m next

Monsters aren’t real, but they might as well be

Because what you’ve done to me is worse than anything imaginary

And can I ever trust you?

You’ve left me all alone with these bad thoughts

And I’m losing control

I try to run I try to hide

But deep down I know everyone’s the same inside

I try to run I try to hide

But deep down I know everyone’s the same inside

So pull me down

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