Cranberry Merchants – Nerve

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton


The Cranberry Merchants have gone and done it again, they officially released my new favorite track from the band, I know I keep saying that every time they release something new, but I honestly think the band just releases something great every time something new comes out from the band. 
The name of the latest track is ‘Nerve’, and in my opinion, I feel it is some of the best guitar work I have ever heard Steve Moore from the band do, I am a huge lover of heavier music or at least heavy guitar riffs with a bit of overdrive and Steve does not disappoint with this track and his guitar work, also bringing something a bit different compared to what we are used to from the band. Speaking of bringing something different, This song sounds like the Cranberry Merchants, there are elements in the sound I can pick up on that I instantly know this is a Cranberry Merchants track, Ie, the drum sound or guitar/keyboard melody and sound despite the different heavier sound, I could instantly hear it is the band BUT somehow they have also created something new and seem to be going in a different direction even though it does sound familiar. Maybe it is the slightly heavy sound or maybe it is the anger in Dianne Moore’s voice and the angst of the music but something about this track lets off the feeling of a Fresh and different direction. 
Speaking of the anger in Diane’s voice, I must say this is a side I have never heard or seen in Dianne,  And I can understand why the band is upset, the subject matter is quite a serious one of the song, when asked what the song is about in my podcast that featured them (Listen HERE), the band said it is about the frustration over those who feel entitled to blame others for their own troubled lives, while selfishly refusing to do anything truly meaningful to help themselves or others. Dianne Moore’s vocals really portray this feeling. The Cranberry Merchants are making a statement, they are angry, and I can really feel this in the song.
One thing I have always admired by The Cranberry Merchants is that they do everything themselves, no fancy producers, no big record label and studio, everything is done by the band, and once again the production is done so well, the band is so creative in this department and this recording is just as good as any other band that has had the luxury with recording with top producers and studios and for that alone, the band must be congratulated
I can picture myself listening to this track when I am in an angry mood or if I am upset with the MAN, whether that be the government, keyboard warriors online, or any other time when the time arises, I just know Dianne’s vocals are going to help me let off some frustration and steam 
I want to also mention the song arrangement of the song, every sound, every riff, every drum beat even the eerie guitar leads during the verse sounds like it has all been well planned and arranged to give off a certain feeling
I spoke about Steve’s great guitar work earlier, but I must mention Dianne’s drum playing in this track which is great and that is evident right in the beginning of the song where you can hear her start off the song with her awesome playing.
The band has always been good at their craft, whether they singing or playing their instruments, but I must say the band has really gone up a notch in the respective crafts they do in the band, and this is something I noticed when they released their last track ‘Forbidden’, Dianne’s voice just keeps getting better and both Dianne and Steve’s playing instruments have improved, and this just shows the band keeps getting better and better.
I would like to congratulate The Cranberry Merchants on their latest offering, I have a feeling this track is going to do well on radio stations all around the world, Old regular fans are going to enjoy the familiar sounds of the music but are going to be blown away the  new direction the band have taken, especially with the vocals and guitar playing, new fans are going to be equally blown away, I almost envy new fans who have only just heard of The Cranberry Merchants because this is a great track to get into the band listen to them for the first time, do yourself a favor though and  please dive into their older stuff and you to can see just what I mean about how great this band is and how they always pushing boundaries and see just how much talent and diversity they actually have
‘Nerve’ is Available Right Now


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Makin’ me sweat when you won’t break one

Givin’ me the finger while you won’t lift one


Preach the public health while you drink yourself to death

Bitch about my wealth while I’m drowning in your debt


You gotta lot of nerve (x7)


Got no respect but you demand it

Turnin’ up the heat but you can’t stand it


Dishin’ it out but you can’t take it

Think you know it all but you can’t explain it


You gotta lot of nerve (x8)


You’ve been so brainwashed to think you’re in control

But you can’t even cope with being an adult

You reboot what is real ‘til you get what you want

Then shove it down my throat and tell me it’s my fault


You gotta lot of nerve (x8)

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