STEVEL MARC is set to ignite our TV screens as he joins the cast of’s SCANDAL!


International actor and model Stevel Marc ignites Scandal! with a riveting role as Sanka Myrie


Stevel Marc, the renowned actor and model, is about to light up South African screens as he takes on the role of Sanka Myrie in the soap Scandal! 

Sanka’s charisma and exceptional talent promise to bring drama, charm, and surprises to the show, which will debut on Tuesday, November 7th.

Sanka Myrie is a character who exudes confidence, charisma, and style. Women find him irresistibly attractive, and his physical attractiveness is undeniable. He’s impeccably dressed and sophisticated yet can be both confident and a bit arrogant – a classic ladies’ man, not one to commit for long, earning him the reputation of being a “flavor of the month”.



What makes his portrayal even more captivating is that Stevel will be using his native Jamaican accent, a unique touch that has never been done before, to bring authenticity to the character. Sanka’s entry into Scandal! will shake up the storyline, causing turmoil in the marriage of Mdala and Tlhogi. Sparks fly between Tlhogi and Sanka.

The burning question is how far Sanka’s character will go in causing trouble in Mdala and Tlhogi’s marriage and whether Mdala will find out. If he does, how will he protect his marriage?

Stevel Marc’s addition to Scandal! promises to inject fresh excitement and intrigue, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next twist in the story.

Scandal! airs weeknights at 7.30 PM.

Says Stevel; I am thrilled to be joining South Africa’s number one soap, Scandal. I’ve followed it over the years, so being part of it now is euphoric. The experience has been fantastic for me thus far – a welcoming cast and crew who put the show first.”

He continues; “My character, Sanka, is a joy to play. I use my authentic Patois (Jamaican dialect) and accent to bring him to life, and I can’t wait for South Africa to meet him”.

* Stevel will also soon be guest starring in the Amazon Prime series In Your Dreams, airing as from 24 November.



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