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I have recently come across a very cool band from the UK, namely Wak Therapists.  The band has just released their latest release called Chequered Flag, and it is a complete banger


I chat with this unique band and get to know and find out about their latest single 


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Hi, Guys welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, lets start off by telling everyone where you are from and how the band started.

We’re based between Exeter and London but we emerged from HMP Channings Wood after drummer Dave ‘Civilian’ and frontman Lincs ‘not’ met during music sessions with charity Changing Tunes. Bassist Lew and guitarist Rich joined post-release.
Wak Therapists is quite an interesting name, can you tell us how the band name came about?
 It’s something silly that just stuck during early band sessions inside, you can look at it in multiple ways. However, ultimately looking back at it this all started as therapy for all of us.
Can you tell us each band member’s name and what they do in the band?
Lincs on Vocals, Dave on Drums, Rich on Guitar, and Lewis on Bass.
How would you describe your band and sound?
It’s something we call Groove Hop. Riff-heavy, lots of low-end, finely crafted bars, and plenty of guts!
Who is some of the band’s musical influences?
The key band is definitely Rage Against the Machine but most 90’s Hip-Hop artists from Wu-Tang to Beastie Boys. More contemporary influences would-be artists from labels such as Griselda or Blah.
Okay let’s talk about the new single ‘Chequered Flag”, Can you tell us what the song is about?
These bars were written looking back at a pretty tumultuous number of years yet feeling grateful for the ride and where it ended.
How does this single differ from your first EP that you already got out?
One word, time. The first 5 records are all totally live recordings we put together in one day. Chequered Flag got the full day it deserved. It’s a good example of how our sound has matured but managed to keep our signature rawness.
Where was the new track recorded and who worked on the single?
Recorded at Brazen Sound Studios in Devon by the main man Ian. The whole band was present then we passed it over to Aren at AZ Sounds for production. Maximum respect for them both! 
What was the recording process like?
It’s always a joy. We work with great people who really know their stuff and work to get the best out of us. Any excuse to get in the studio for us, please?
When you write music, can you tell what the process is like from start to finish?
Creativity comes and goes so you’ve got to use it right away. It can take really mulling something over for a while but when it comes you’ve gotta write it down or pick up that guitar. Past that you may want to stick more than one riff together, maybe not.
Do you have any other new music coming out and what can you tell us about it?
The next track coming is called ‘Sweet as Hell.’ Out early 2024. A very heavy and energetic tune that moves around a lot and consequently blows yer head off. Following that will be the recording of our first two tunes put together back in Channings Wood, ‘Pharmacide’ and ‘Vivid Green’ which are eagerly awaited so look out.
Can you explain what a live gig is like for anyone who hasn’t seen you play live yet?
Wak are very high energy, lots of jumping and jiving, both on and off the stage. We can get serious but never too serious, it’s always a laugh seeing us and a decent fat burner. 
Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers?
Massive thank you to you guys, keep an eye on our space and Red Tangent Records, we’re part of a label for and run by people with lived experience in the UK prison system. There’s lots of exciting stuff to come. 
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