“Shrek: The Musical JR”

Review by: Chantal Fouché

Photographer Credit: Stefane Leny

“Shrek: The Musical JR” is a delightful and whimsical theatrical experience that brings the beloved characters from the animated film to life on stage. With its catchy tunes, vibrant sets, and charismatic performances, this production is a treat for audiences of all ages.

One of the standout elements of the show is its ability to capture the essence of the original movie while adding an extra layer of theatrical magic. The characters are brought to life with impressive costumes and makeup, staying true to the iconic looks that fans adore. The set design is cleverly crafted, seamlessly transitioning from the tranquil Shrek’s swamp to the bustling town of Duloc, creating a visually engaging experience.

The heartwarming storyline remains intact, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and embracing differences. Shrek’s journey from an isolated ogre to an unlikely hero is beautifully portrayed, and the witty humor that made the film so beloved is adeptly translated onto the stage.
The music is a highlight, featuring catchy songs that complement the narrative perfectly. From toe-tapping ensemble numbers to poignant solos, the soundtrack is diverse and showcases the talents of the cast. Familiar tunes like “I’m a Believer” and “Freak Flag” are guaranteed to have the audience singing along.

The cast’s performances are stellar, with actors skilfully embodying their characters. Whether it’s Shrek’s gruff yet endearing nature, Donkey’s energetic and lovable personality, or Fiona’s strength and determination, each actor brings their own flair to the roles, making the characters feel fresh and engaging.

The children actors play a vital role in adding depth and charm to the production. Typically cast in ensemble roles or smaller character parts, these young performers bring enthusiasm, energy, and a sense of wonder to the stage.

In the ensemble, children often portray various fairy tale creatures, townspeople, or smaller roles within the story. Their performances are integral to creating the fantastical world of the show, adding layers of excitement and liveliness to scenes set in the town of Duloc or the magical forest.
Their dedication to their roles is evident in their movements, expressions, and interactions with the main characters. Despite having smaller parts, these young actors contribute significantly to the overall ambiance of the production. Whether they’re dancing in ensemble numbers or portraying whimsical creatures, their commitment to their roles helps create a cohesive and immersive theatrical experience.



Their enthusiasm and passion for performing shine through, adding an infectious joy to the stage. While they may have smaller parts, their contributions play a crucial role in the success of the overall production, making it more dynamic and engaging for audiences of all ages.
Overall, “Shrek: The Musical JR” is a charming and entertaining production that captures the spirit of the original film while adding its own theatrical flair. With its memorable music, fantastic performances, and touching message, this show is a must-see for fans of the movie and anyone looking for a fun and heartwarming theatrical experience for the whole family.

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