Watch the Music Video for Namakau Star’s Stellar Lead Single “Boomerang”

Taken from her brand-new EP “Life On Pluto”

Watch the music video for “Boomerang HERE


[pictured: Namakau Star in the “Boomerang” music video]
Namakau Star takes us on a nostalgic yet vibrant journey with the “Boomerang” music video. Directed by Aviwe Apleni, Namakau Star, and Joshua Michael, the creatives are closing off the year strong.
Namakau Star adds one more surprise to the Life on Pluto series of music and art with the “Boomerang” Music Video. The catchy lead single amassing heartfelt support from music lovers and spaces alike, boasting 5 weeks on the 5fm nights pop charts, and receiving international and local Spotify support, the music video is a pleasant surprise for those who have felt the energy of this song at its core. A true visual depiction of the universal mantra chanted in the chorus, Namakau Star teamed up with her local community to bring the lighthearted anthem to life with vibrant backdrops, 90’s styled wardrobe, and minimal makeup, this music video succinctly captures the sentiment of joy, freedom, and most importantly, fun. Namakau expressed, “I hope this reminds you of a time when you were carefree, where the fun came naturally and joy found its way to you with ease.  This video is the sonic embodiment of a time when our inhibitions never limited us from expressing our true selves.”
Watch the music video for “Boomerang” HERE

With more ground-making moves up her sleeve, Namakau is set to participate in the Linecheck Music Conference in Italy this week on behalf of Africa Rising Music Conference. Her strides as a musician and a speaker are a reflection of her intentionality as a creative, taking up space and ensuring that all kinds of African artists are represented the way they deserve and that doors may open to create access and resources for all to shine.

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