ZNi Talks To Fanbase Music Magazine, About His Career, New Single ‘Adventure’ And Mental Health Awareness Much Much More

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Summer is heating up, and we’ve got the perfect soundtrack to accompany your adventures. Meet ZNi, the musical sensation who’s not just creating catchy tunes but also inspiring change through his music.

Get ready for “Adventure”

ZNi’s latest track, “Adventure,” is the ultimate summer jam. With lyrics that beckon, “Are you ready for Adventure?” this song promises a thrilling escape from the ordinary. It’s all about spontaneity, making memories, and living life to the fullest. The beats are infectious, and the energy is irresistible. You’ll find yourself craving the kind of adventure that only ZNi can provide.

Listen to “Adventure” on YouTube: HERE

A musical journey rooted in culture

But ZNi is more than just a musician; he’s a cultural ambassador. Raised in a family steeped in music, ZNi’s journey began jamming with his father, Zimbabwe’s iconic Mbira musician, Dumi Maraire. From a young age, he was performing alongside his father, absorbing the energy of the stage and the diversity of sounds like a sponge.

His musical evolution is a testament to his versatility. Starting with rap, he ventured into the studio, crafting his debut track. But ZNi’s journey didn’t stop there. He discovered an unexpected vocal skill that led to his signature Afrofusion and Afro-pop style, a fusion of cultures and sounds that define his unique sound.

Advocacy beyond the beats

However, ZNi’s passion extends beyond music. His advocacy for mental health, rooted in his personal struggles, is making a profound impact. He’s actively collaborating with organizations like Work to be Well and I Can Help, providing vital resources to youth facing mental health challenges, particularly in the world of sports.

ZNi’s dedication to change doesn’t stop at music or advocacy; it spans continents. His recent work with the Young Sables under-20 rugby team in Kenya and Zimbabwe, backed by his partnership with Work2BeWell, showcases his commitment to supporting young athletes.

A global melody weaver

With songs like “Satisfy,” “Celebrate,” and “Oh Yah,” ZNi’s music resonates with the universal language of joy and unity. He aspires to unite hearts worldwide with his genre-defying rhythms. His diverse circle and innate ability to connect promise an unforgettable mark in the music world.

So, whether you’re looking for a summer anthem or seeking inspiration through music that creates positive change, ZNi is the name to remember. Explore his beats, dive into his lyrics, and embark on an “Adventure” you won’t soon forget.


Hi ZNi, Welcome to Fanbase Music Magazine, can you start off by telling me where you are from and where you grew up?

Hey there! Sure thing. I’m originally from Seattle, Washington, USA, but my roots stretch all the way to Zimbabwe. Growing up, I had the unique experience of living in both the US and Zimbabwe, and it’s been a huge influence on my musical journey.

What is your earliest memory of music and what made you decide to do music?

My earliest music memory takes me back to performing with my dad, Dumisani Maraire. Those moments were pure magic, you know? I think that’s when I realized the power of music and how it could connect people. That love and passion for music led me to decide that I wanted to pursue it as a career.

How would you describe your genre and sound?

Genre labels can be a bit tricky, but if I had to put it into words, I’d say my sound is Afro-Fusion with a touch of International and Afro Pop. It’s this eclectic mix that reflects the diverse musical influences I’ve picked up along the way.

Who are some of your musical influences?

It’s a mix of the classics and some contemporary icons. Obviously, my father is a huge influence, and then there’s the legendary Bob Marley, the versatile Akon, the trailblazing Kanye West, and the soulful Adam Levine.


Are you in a band or considered a solo artist and how else do you jam with when it comes to playing live and recordings?

I’m a solo artist, but when it comes to live performances, I’m all about that band vibe. There’s just something magical about the synergy and energy that come from performing with a band. It elevates the whole experience.

Okay, let’s talk about your new single, Adventure, it’s a great Summer tune. Can you tell us what the song is about?

Absolutely! “Adventure” is a musical escape. It’s about those spontaneous getaways with someone special, embracing the thrill of the moment and just going with the flow. It’s a feel-good song and the perfect soundtrack for any adventure lol.

Can you tell us where the track was recorded and who worked and produced the track?

It was recorded in Seattle, Washington. Huge shoutout to Chris Pack, the wizard behind the mixing board. I penned the lyrics, and the production was by Kloudnine Music.

How long did the track take to record?

It took several days to craft. We were perfectionists in the studio, tweaking and mixing it several times before we felt it was right for the world to hear.

Can you tell us about the recording process of recording this track?

It all started with catching the vibe of the track. Once that hit, I dove into crafting the lyrics and the hook. Then the studio to record. It’s a meticulous process, making sure every note and lyric captures the essence of the song.


When you write music, can you explain how that process is, from start to finish?

My creative process is a bit elusive, you know? I usually start off by humming a melody that resonates with me. From there, the lyrics start to flow, almost as if the song is writing itself. It’s this organic process that brings the music to life.

Can you tell us what a live experience would be like if we were to see you play live?

Get ready for a rollercoaster of energy and good vibes! A live ZNi experience is all about connecting with the audience, letting loose, and creating a memorable moment for everyone in the room. It’s a musical journey that we all embark on together.

Mental health awareness is a cause close to your heart. Can you elaborate on your work with organizations supporting youth mental well-being in African countries?

Absolutely, this is something deeply personal to me. As a mental health advocate, I’m driven to spread awareness, especially among the youth. Beyond music, I’m actively involved with organizations like Work 2 Be Well. I’ve had the privilege of working with the Zimbabwe U20 Rugby team, and I’m passionate about introducing mental health curriculum into schools across Africa. It’s about making a positive impact on the well-being of young minds.

As you expand your fanbase to Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, and Nigeria, what do you hope to achieve through your music in these regions?

Expanding the reach is not just about numbers; it’s about building a global community. Through my music, I aim to connect with people in these regions, share experiences, and create a positive ripple effect. I want to be more than just a musician – I want to be a part of something that transcends borders, cultures, and languages.

Thank you for doing this interview. Do you have any last messages for our readers?

Big love to everyone who’s riding with me on this musical journey! Your support is the heartbeat of what I do, and I appreciate each and every one of you. Let’s keep the vibes alive!



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