Sneziey belts out her most personal recording yet as she releases her live EP “Sibonga Umusa”.
Stream/listen to “Sibonga Umusa” EP HERE

Vocal powerhouse, Sneziey, is out to move souls and stir spirits with her latest EP titled Sibonga Umusa. It is a sincere ode of gratitude to the Almighty following her triumph over the odds she faced in her life. It is for this reason that the music feels personal and authentic.
“This is me exalting God and the grace he showed in my life,” she shares.When I write music, it comes as a conversation with God. The melody goes with the words that I say to God.”
One of the episodes in her life that tested his faith was when she had an ectopic pregnancy that followed years of trying for a baby and the societal pressures that she endured. It was this experience that brought her closer to God more than ever. “He has been the God who knows what we dream and wish for. He heard my prayer and brought my joy back,” she said. Today, she is a mother to a 5-month-old daughter named Oyomusa Ziyana Intsikelelo who has brought her and her husband immense happiness and fulfillment.
It is on the back of this experience that the six-track EP features songs like “Thixo Wamadinga Ethu”, in which Sneziey praises God for being a provider. “Thathudumo” stands as a testimony to God for pulling through for her and she offers her praises to Him. She harks back to traditional church worship with “Ulikhaya Lami” which she heard at the Anglican Church. It is a prayer for one longing to be with God and the promise of deliverance. An old favorite, Izulu, makes a return as Sneziey re-records it in celebration of the generosity of God.

“God keeps adding and increasing. He will open doors and set the table in front of your enemies; this is a testimony that will never depart from my heart. I’ve seen blessings of grace and mercy continue to follow me every day,” she said.

Sibonga Umusa EP is out now and available to streamHere

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