THE GOVT. Unleashes Debut Single Devil (For Your Cold Shoulder) and Lyric Video A Rollercoaster of Emotions and Raw Revelations


Today marks a groundbreaking moment in the music scene as electronic rock duo, THE GOVT., releases their highly anticipated debut single, Devil (For Your Cold Shoulder). This electrifying track, accompanied by a captivating lyric video, takes listeners on a journey through the complexities of love, hurt, and self-discovery.
In this anthem of vulnerability and self-awareness, THE GOVT. lays bare the struggle of admitting when one has “had too much,” and faces the consequences of denying one’s own mental health. “Devil (For Your Cold Shoulder)” grapples with a turbulent alter-ego, unleashed and “looking for blood” in the pursuit of truth.
Challenging romanticized notions of love and resilience, the song’s powerful verses deliver a message not to give up on love despite the scars, echoing a universal truth that transcends the cinematic ideal. The hook, “I’m just a Devil for Ya,” becomes a mantra—a confession of imperfection and the admission that sometimes, we’re our own worst enemies.
As the song confronts the unknown, pleading, “So baby just say what I’m thinking already!” it captures the essence of the human experience—the desire for understanding, connection, and acceptance from ourselves as well as the ones we care for. “Devil (For Your Cold Shoulder)” is a song about facing your demons, even when they wear your own face. The band hopes to offer a cathartic experience that invites listeners to confront their own inner demons and find strength in vulnerability.


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THE GOVT., composed of Matt Carstens on vocals and guitar, and Andrew Veldman on bass guitar, is a dynamic duo that has harnessed the raw energy of rock and infused it with the infectious beats of electronic music. Matt’s mesmerizing vocals soar over Andrew’s thunderous basslines and searing riffs, while their seamless integration of electronic elements adds a dimension of grandeur that will leave you breathless.
Prepare to be moved, challenged, and ultimately uplifted by the anthem of self-discovery and redemption. THE GOVT. has arrived, and the revolution is just beginning.



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