Wally Bartfay- You’re My Beautiful

Reviewed by Duzzy Clayton

Awesome talented musician Wally Bartfay is back with his new beautiful single, namely Your’e My Beautiful, a song written by Wally for his wife’s birthday, this song is also extra special because his wife is also a 10th-anniversary cancer-free survivor. This song comes to me at a perfect time because I also have a close friend who has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, so it’s awesome to know and hear that people can beat it just like Wally’s wife, my friend can also be 10 years cancer free one day.
You’re My Beautiful is a beautifully written song, and upon my first listen I was immediately taken over by this calm feeling of Wally’s chilled calming voice, I was also taken aback by the beautiful song arrangements, with the strings and instrumentals written by Stephen Wrench, It also features 5 times nominated Grammy artist Molly Cherryholmes on violin adding to the calming feeling that grows within me as the song grows and goes on.
The song also has beautiful lyrics and words, and I know it was written for Wally’s wife and to celebrate 10 years cancer-free, but I can also picture this song doing well for anyone wanting to dedicate a love song to a special person who they think is beautiful both inside and out. 
You’re My Beautiful, is also accompanied by a beautiful music video, the music video itself is quite a simple music video but is very effective and helps to get the point across, there are some great memorable moments in the video, and one, in particular, is a part where it looks like day turns to night and clouds in the video seems to go dark, things like this in the video are done very well. The music video is just as beautiful as the actual words and meaning of the song and I would like to congratulate Wally Bartfay on this great piece of art.

Like I mentioned before this is the perfect love song to dedicate to a special someone and I can picture listening to this on a romantic night with my loved one, playing in the background as we enjoy a romantic cooked meal on an anniversary or special occasion. 
You’re My Beautiful is such a beautifully written song, I can see it doing well on radio stations all around the world, especially the radio shows that play a lot of love songs on the playlist, this will be a perfect song to add to the mix, especially on a Valentines day show
I would like to congratulate Wally Bartfay on his new offering and also want to wish his wife well as she celebrates another birthday and another year of cancer, it is such a great success story 
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By Wally J. Bartfay, ©2023


Beautiful. You’re my beautiful. Beautiful.
You’re beautiful to me. [Repeat X2]

[Verse I]

Beautiful woman. Beautiful soul. Beautiful woman that I’ve got to know. You’re

my life.
You’re all my hopes.
You’re the reason I live and toll.

You’re the wind in my sail. You’re the fire that makes me live. Still waters run

deep like your unconditional love for me.

[Verse II]

You love me for who I am. All my scares and wounds you understand. I want to
spend every moment with you. Time stands still when I’m with you.
See the stars late at night. Sit by the fire and hold you tight. I want to walk on
the beach with you. Kiss your sweet lips and make love to you.

[Repeat Chorus X4 for Finale]

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