The Cranberry Merchants- Nerve ( Music Video)

The other day I gave you my review on the new track from The Cranberry Merchants called Nerve, (Read HERE). Well today I give you my thoughts and review on the band and track’s new music video 
I would like to start this off by saying the band does all their music videos and recordings on their own, no big budget directors or crew who know what they doing, it is all done by the masterminds of Dianne And Steve Moore. now that you know that and also the reason why I mentioned that is because it blows my mind how well they do music videos just on their own, and the new music video for Nerve is evidence of that. 
If you are a fan of the band’s previous music videos, you will know that the last music video was done out of Lego pieces, and a cinematic technique called stop motion was used. Don’t worry I was also like, what the hell is that? lol. Doing a quick Google search I can say the following: “a cinematographic technique whereby the camera is repeatedly stopped and started, for example, to give animated figures the impression of movement.: This kind of technique can be seen throughout the video, and one thing I must stress again, all this was done by the band with lots of experimenting and using things around the house”
I was blown away by this video and all the clever techniques and stuff used to make it makes for great viewing. It is amazing what you can do these days in terms of video making, this just proves at the doing it yourself and DYI, is possible and it can be just as good as any big budget video out there   
When asked what the song is about the band said: “Nerve” is about the type of person who tries to blame others for everything wrong in their own lives without really taking any responsibility for their actions. This person points fingers and tries to manufacture a reality that suits them, despite being fake, instead of actively trying to change for themselves. This song vents the frustration with this type of person by telling them they have a lot of nerve.”
Upon first watching the video I was blown away by all the technology being used such as stop-start etc but knowing now what the song is about, the video is riddled with clever scenes that emulate just that, for example, I guess the video is for self-interpretation but things I picked up on is a chain moving on the ground that kind of looks like a snake, the same chain is wrapped around a brain, (in my mind representing a snake in the grass), then also it has a hand pulling a zap middle finger sign. But there are also doll heads and mannequins etc, it is hard for me to put in words because there is so much going on but every little scene, every little prop that was used, told the story perfectly and also helped make come across the angriness of the song and the band as well as staying true to the chorus, saying you got a lot of Nerve
One thing I would like to mention, even though the props and technology used are the stars of the video and helped bring it to life, the few appearances that Dianne and Steve did make, fitted so perfectly with the video. They used lighting to their advantage often making their faces look blue, purple or even orange
I say this in the nicest way possible, but I actually felt I was living a bad nightmare, I kind of felt a bit scared like at times watching a horror film and that just shows the true genius in Dianne and Steve and how creative they were, that a viewer such as myself felt weird scared emotions while watching it, I must also add when the video had its premiere on Youtube I was watching the video with all my light off and just the video playing on the computer and all these scenes going on that are scary and telling this story, as well as Dianne’s voice sounding angry, it was a tripping feeling watching it for the first time 
I would like to congratulate The Cranberry Merhcnats on an amazing video, your previous Lego work was amazing but you have taken things to a whole new level, I would like to suggest that the band could enter this video into a short film or creative competition, I am convinced the judges would be amazed and there has got to be some kind of award in your future, you have worked so hard and you are so talented in what you do, I want the right people to see this video and it gets the recognition it deserves. 
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Makin’ me sweat when you won’t break one

Givin’ me the finger while you won’t lift one


Preach the public health while you drink yourself to death

Bitch about my wealth while I’m drowning in your debt


You gotta lot of nerve (x7)


Got no respect but you demand it

Turnin’ up the heat but you can’t stand it


Dishin’ it out but you can’t take it

Think you know it all but you can’t explain it


You gotta lot of nerve (x8)


You’ve been so brainwashed to think you’re in control

But you can’t even cope with being an adult

You reboot what is real ‘til you get what you want

Then shove it down my throat and tell me it’s my fault


You gotta lot of nerve (x8

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