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South African Singer/Songwriter Kenny Hughes is back with his latest single, namely All Over Me. Being a huge Kenny Hughes fan, I knew this was going to be a banger, and I was not wrong. 

Known for his Blues/Rock sound, All Over Me has the sounds we have come to know and love from Kenny but does have that element of something different, in my mind, Kenny just gets better and better with each new release and this track is evident of that.

Starting with a bit of a rock drum sound to start the track off we then go straight into a bit of a bluesy guitar jam session and I think wow this is a groovy track right off the bat. Kenny starts to sing about two or three bars in with the awesome kind of voice that he has, and I think, there it is, there is that cool signature voice we have come to love. I am then taken back to the cool jam session that is happening within the song and I must I am enjoying the band and music that join him on the song `which I am told is Jayson Pieterse on bass guitar and Marais Swanepoel on drums. I always think a great jam session can be heard when the band is tight and knows their craft and Kenny and his band are evident to that.

Back to the track in hand, I am still only in the first verse, (okay I admit I have heard the song a few times by now) but I already know the words and find myself singing along to the verses, I normally only catch on to choruses because they are more catchy, and trust me by the time you get to this chorus you will hear it is catchy but just something about when Kenny sings and hits a few notes, that even the verse is groovy and catchy. 

Recorded, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Jo Ellis for this particular track, I must say I don’t know much about Jo, but he did an amazing job and he does know his craft because this song is produced very well and can stand out with among some of the best mixes in the world.

I can picture myself listening to this song in my car while driving around in traffic or just while having a few friends over, I have yet to still see Kenny Hugues live but I would imagine this song would do very well live.

Kenny shares that “All Over Me” is a song I wrote for an ex-girlfriend many years ago. We had just met and I wanted to do something special, some might say cheesy, to win her over, so I wrote her a song. Thankfully, my fiancé (not the same lady, obviously) loves the track and convinced me to record it, after all these years of playing it all over the country. ‘All Over Me’ is therefore a song about a beautiful, dangerous girl.”

If you are a blues fan then this track is something for your music collection and I predict this track is going to do very well on radio stations around the world, especially if you are a blues and rock fan like me 

I would like to congratulate Kenny and all who worked on this track, it is a great piece of music
All Over Me is taken off Kenny Hughes’s new album called Born and Raised which is out NOW on all streaming platforms 


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