After the news of the departure of Ross Learnmonth from Prime Circle last year, One of South Africa’s biggest bands Prime Circle has now finally announced their new singer today 
In an Official statement that went out on social media, the band announced that singer Gavin Edwards would be stepping in behind the mic.
With over 28 years of experience, a shared vision, and passion for the band, this news comes at an exciting time and new era for the band
Gavin Edwards former runner-up on The Voice South Africa, and previously signed to Brian McFadden’s (ex-Westlife) label, brings a rich background from a flourishing career. “My life has been priming me for something bigger than myself, and this is that moment,” says a grateful Edwards. 
In a video that was released with the press release, the band thanked their fans for their ongoing support and, after being in the business for so many years, they are not ready to stop now and only just getting started
The comments on social media are for the most part have been positive and the new announcement is welcomed
The band also announced a brand new single in March this year, followed by a six-track EP titled ‘The World We Know”
Fanbase Music Magazine wishes the band well in the new ERA and cannot wait to rock out at the next show

Read The Full Press Release Below
PRIME CIRCLE INTRODUCES GAVIN EDWARDS AS NEW SINGER Johannesburg, South Africa – 30 January 2024. In an exciting move, South Africa’s iconic rock band, Prime Circle, announces Gavin Edwards as their new singer, marking a significant chapter in the band’s celebrated history.
Gavin Edwards, an exceptionally skilled singer-songwriter with 28 years of global experience, a former runner-up on The Voice South Africa, and previously signed to Brian McFadden’s (ex-Westlife) label, brings a rich background from a flourishing career. “My life has been priming me for something bigger than myself, and this is that moment,” says a grateful Edwards.
 “Presenting Gavin Edwards as our new singer is a genuine moment of excitement for each of us,” says Marco Gomes, Prime Circle’s bass player and founding member. “Gavin is not only an outstanding musician but also a wonderful person, quickly becoming an integral part of the Prime Circle family.” The band’s formidable creativity, energy, and eagerness to perform for their fans have distinctly elevated the recording process. With Gavin Edwards on vocals, the band is already set for the release of their first single in March 2024, followed by the global unveiling of the six-track EP titled “The World We Know” in early 2024. “The seamless integration and synergy achieved during this short period serve as compelling evidence that Gavin Edwards is undeniably the right fit for the band,” adds Prime Circle drummer, Dale Schnettler. With seven multi-platinum albums, numerous accolades, and a global fan base, Prime Circle remains steadfast in its commitment to the band’s enduring legacy. The band was immensely grateful to witness the loyalty and trust of their fans when, in December 2023, they announced a transition. “Thank you to our fans; your understanding, continuous support, and cheering us on have played a pivotal role during this time,” concludes Prime Circle Keyboardist Neil Breytenbach.
About Prime Circle
Recognised as rock icons in South Africa, Prime Circle has garnered numerous accolades, including multiple South African Music Awards (SAMAs). Anticipation is building for the release of their upcoming six-track EP, “A World We Know,” scheduled for June 2024, marking the next exciting chapter in their musical journey. Since their formation in 2001, Prime Circle has achieved multi-platinum status with seven studio albums, delivering chart-topping singles and consistently captivating audiences with sold-out tours. Their success extends beyond South Africa, as the band has strategically expanded their influence into international markets. In recent years, Prime Circle has made substantial strides in the UK and European music scenes, with intensive gigging, radio play, and headline performances at major rock festivals.
This international recognition adds another layer to the band’s dynamic and diverse musical story. Prime Circle is Gavin Edwards (vocals and guitar), Marco Gomes (bass), Dale Schnettler (drums), Neil Breytenbach (keyboard), and Dirk Bisschoff (guitar). About Gavin Edwards: Gavin Edwards, a seasoned singer/songwriter from South Africa with 28 years of experience in the industry, showcased his enduring dedication to the craft as he took on the role of lead singer for the renowned rock band Prime Circle in January 2024. His musical journey, beginning with notable contributions as the frontman for Allegory and later relocating to Ireland with his band Franklin in 2002, has been marked by significant achievements. Gavin, first gaining attention as a standout participant in The Voice Season 1, securing the runner-up position after finishing 7th in X-Factor South Africa, was signed to labels such as Brian McFadden’s (ex-Westlife) management and record label in Ireland. Additionally, he secured a record deal with Universal Music. Beyond his distinct vocal talent, Gavin is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in playing guitar, drums, and piano. His solo album ‘Silver Skies’ made waves, earning a nomination for a South African Music Award (SAMA) in 2017 for Best Adult Contemporary Album. His global travels took him from Dublin to London, New York, Nashville, L.A., and Australia. Currently, Gavin is set to launch an EP (The World We Know) with Prime Circle in early 2024, marking a thrilling new chapter in his musical journey
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