Immerse Yourself in a Theatrical Rock Experience with Cindy-Louise’s Captivating New EP ‘What You Made Me’ available today on all platforms


Attention fans of Sleep Token, Within Temptation, Palaye Royale & Evanescence


Alternative / Ethereal Rock Singer-Songwriter Cindy-Louise has just unveiled her latest EP, ‘What You Made Me’ Renowned for her unique writing style and captivating sound, Cindy-Louise is making significant strides in the international music scene, following an outstanding 2023. This 3-track EP takes listeners on a journey through Cindy-Louise’s personal experiences, exploring the transformative power of life. From overcoming introversion to emerging stronger through compelling circumstances, Cindy-Louise passionately declares, “This is what you made me!”

The new EP, ‘What You Made Me,’ serves as a testament to Cindy-Louise’s musical evolution and storytelling prowess. Her commitment to authenticity and self-expression shines through every note, promising a profound blend of emotion, storytelling, and a theatrical Alternative Rock experience.

Erick Gerber, the mastermind behind South African Progressive Metalcore act Red Helen and former guitarist for international platinum-selling Pop/Rock artist Jesse Clegg, adds his virtuoso touch, elevating the EP’s sonic landscape. Calibeats (Callum Melville) further adds to the magic!

Don’t miss out on this musical journey with Cindy-Louise and her latest release, ‘What You Made Me’


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Watch ‘Innocence’ Music Video HERE

 Track Listing:

1. Innocence (03:49)

2. What You Made Me (03:00)

3. Nothing Hurts Anymore (03:03)

About the EP ‘What You Made Me’

“The EP was an immensely enjoyable venture. Although each song was written individually, I was determined to publish them collectively as they interconnected narratively. These compositions expose my vulnerabilities, reflecting my struggle with anxiety, my habitual insistence on my well-being, and my continuous battle with self-imposed societal expectations. The emotional strength of these songs often moves me to tears, delving profoundly into my soul. The intricate layering of the instrumental accompaniment and vocal lines contributes significantly to the overall sound. The complexity of the sound is intentional, aiming for a theatrical rock aesthetic. This decision was not made to add unnecessary drama but to truly encapsulate and communicate my emotional state to the listener. Upon completing ‘Innocence,’ I was invigorated with a desire to further my creative endeavours. This was coupled with the conception of an interconnected concept in my mind. Simultaneously, I felt a sense of cohesion in my artistic style. I had finally discovered the unique sound that resonated with my identity. I hope these songs provide enjoyment and an opportunity for self-reflection. May this music serve as a catalyst for you to connect with your emotions and simply allow yourself to feel.” Cindy Louise

About Track 1 ‘Innocence’

“For approximately two years now, I’ve been meticulously crafting this song. It’s imbued with profound pain and intense emotion, making it quite a challenge to determine the exact sound I wanted it to encapsulate. Initially, my desire was for the song to embody a smooth, dark pop genre. However, as I delved deeper into its creation, I found myself growing increasingly agitated. This ultimately led me to a revelation – this song, while tinged with sadness, also held a powerful undertone of empowerment. This song, to me, symbolises a fresh chapter in my life. It serves as a transparent medium, allowing individuals to gain insight into my genuine emotions and the journey I undertook to reach my current position. The lyrics affectingly narrate my tale of abruptly confronting a life-altering experience, and the subsequent realisation that every moment thereafter requires a fight. It’s a harrowing lesson in understanding that not everyone embodies authenticity. The purity and innocence of childlike trust in others have dissipated, leaving me awash with sorrow. I found myself greatly attracted to the artist Evanescence and was profoundly inspired. In my composition, I particularly appreciated the extended melodic chorus and the sudden verses. I also devoted significant attention to the instrumentation, with the intent for the song to burst with sound. It narrates a tale of resilience amidst rupture, and I have found the strength to express and share this openly.”

About Track 2 ‘What You Made Me’

“The essence of this composition is the subtle layering of musical elements. My intent was to cultivate an escalating intensity throughout the piece, creating an illusion of increasing tempo as the melody unfolds. In keeping with the EP’s theme, this piece articulates the transformation I have undergone with age. I was characterised as kind and had an introverted nature, but circumstances compelled me to evolve and acquire the ability to assert myself. While I do feel the loss of the greater compassion I once possessed, I recognise this evolution as a necessary survival mechanism for achieving my aspirations. The opening lines of this song deeply captivate me, emanating an almost surreal ambiance. The incorporation of folk elements, a personal touch of mine, lends it a unique, magical resonance that I find truly enchanting.”

About Track 3 ‘Nothing Hurts Anymore

“Life is not solely comprised of joy and beauty, much like how music does not always resonate with pleasant notes. This is the very reason why I created this EP, with ‘Nothing Hurts Anymore’ standing out. It embodies unapologetic honesty in its purest form. The song provides a platform for me to express how my struggles with depression and anxiety impact me and the measures I take to manage these challenges. It sheds light on how external pressures can be overwhelming, given the chance. My ability to rely on myself and possess confidence in my abilities is the reason why the only impediment to my progress is myself. The concluding part of the song, ‘Come at me and do your worst, come at me nothing hurts anymore,’ is particularly compelling to me. The song presents a dichotomy; one aspect reflects my numbness, while the other aspect exudes strength, challenging you to bombard me with your views, inundate me with negativity and criticism, because I am beyond the point of caring. I have a clear understanding of who I am and the audience I aim to connect with. I am in tune with my community.”

Cindy-Louise Photo By Jimmy On The Run


Cindy-Louise Bio


Renowned for her distinctive writing style and unique voice, the independent artist Cindy-Louise has been making significant strides in the global music industry since the commencement of her career in 2019. Originally hailing from South Africa and currently residing in The Netherlands, this singer-songwriter embarked on her musical journey by undertaking singing and piano lessons at the age of 16, following a rigorous Classical training regimen. During her university years, her focus shifted to Classical and Jazz voice as she pursued a major in Music Philosophy. Additionally, she participated in the Mediterranean Opera Festival Program in Italy, where she studied and performed the roles of Despina (Cosi fan tutte) and Susanna (The Marriage of Figaro).

In 2020, Cindy-Louise received critical acclaim with the release of her debut album, ‘Humanity.’ Known for her inclination towards innovation, she maintains a dynamic approach by periodically transitioning between musical styles, seamlessly blending Pop with Rock elements. Expressing her journey of self-discovery, she articulates, “I’m trying to figure out who I am, and I strive to speak and embody my truth every day.”

The year 2023 saw her dedicated focus on Rock music, resulting in the highly successful singles and accompanying videos for ‘Innocence,’ ‘Can’t Own Me,’ ‘Tattoo,’ and ‘Outcasts’ (featuring Erick Gerber). Notably, her composition ‘Women Of My Own Damn Mind’ was featured in the DSTV Series ‘Devil’s Peak.’ Cindy-Louise initiates 2024 with the release of her EP, ‘What You Made Me,’ and anticipates the imminent launch of another full album.


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