Janie Bay releases a Pop-Country song titled “Miracles.” Friday 2 February 2023.


Photography by Mandy Stander

SAMA nominated and international award winner Janie Bay`s fans will be delighted to hear that she pushes the envelope in songwriting and production yet again with her brand -new Pop- Country  single: “Miracles.” Bay has reached significant milestones over the past five years with the release of various Afrikaans singles including “Amper Daar”; “Die Heelal feat Early B”; “Jammer”; “Ek glo nog in Jou” with Danie Reënwolf and Die Einde featuring Elandré among others. Each of them a hit -single, these popular songs reached number 1 on various SA radio charts and up to date, Bay`s music has had more than 18.5 million streams on digital platforms.”

On how the inspiration for the new track “Miracles” came about, Bay says: “Spotify Africa Partnership Manager, Henco Harmse, attended one of my shows last year. He shared the news with me that they have made great connections with Spotify Nashville and would love to support them with fresh, new Country content from Africa. Henco asked me if I would be keen to write and record a country inspired song, in my own unique way, for this kind of internationally focused playlisting.

I have been thinking about recording a new English single for a while, and this conversation with Henco was just what I needed to focus on making it happen. I wrote “Miracles” while coincidentally watching the series ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’, an adaption of the book called ‘Daisy Jones’, inspired by Stevie Nicks’ life, her time with Fleetwood Mac and her tumultuous relationship with band member Lindsey Buckingham. This series inspired me tremendously; it felt as if I was there with them. This song just poured out of me and surprisingly, I wrote it without much effort.”

For Janie Bay it feels great to be writing and releasing a song in English again. “It`s full circle for me.

I have released many English songs in the past before I started releasing Afrikaans music, so I am really looking forward to feedback both locally and internationally and to see where this track will be taking me next on my musical journey.”

Janie Bay signed with Warner Music South Africa between 2016 and 2021. In September 2017 Bay released her first major label album, ‘Miscellany’. The album was nominated for a SAMA in 2018.

The single “Can`t be the One” received an International Gold Award for “Best Music in a Music Video” at the Queen Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, USA. Besides this period between 2016 – 2021, Bay has been releasing all her chart-topping music independently since 2011.

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