Onlogies Featuring TomyV- Another Ghost

Reviewed By Duzzy Clayton

Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu (TomyV) & Onlogies (Erasmus Hendrikse) Photos by Sonjia Meier


Onlogies and Tomy V seem like a match made in heaven and a Colab that was just meant to be. Two different creative musicians with different backgrounds come together in the name of music to create something awesome, vibey and beautiful, the result is their new hit single Another Ghost

Another Ghost is a beautifully written and arranged song that kind of makes me feel calm and relaxed every time I listen to it. starting with strings and piano sounds and I am taken aback by the vocals of What is Tomy V, I was already captivated by the first line of lyrics of the song 
As I listen to the lyrics of the song, or maybe it is the beautiful music accompanying the song but I somehow get a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat, this song does touch a nerve within my soul. 
Erasmus Hendrikse aka Onlogies shares that “The song is about how in every person you meet, there are traits of your soulmate; people usually wait for someone more perfect. Later, one realizes that everyone is perfect in their imperfect way and that one should see other people for who they are rather than the person you want them to be. This song was written about 13 years ago and it was begging to be produced and performed. When Sibusiso Mthembu aka TomyV sang the first line of the verse we knew that the song had found its voice.”
I can picture myself listening to this song while I need a moment to myself, or need to be inspired by something great, Another Ghost is something great, it is an amazing piece of art created by two awesome musicians 
Something about the calming effect I feel when I listen to the track, suggests that whoever else listens to this track will feel the same and that is the beautiful thing about music, it touches emotions we never knew we had until we hear a certain voice or chord progression played in a certain way, and Onlogies and TomyV has managed to tap into that realm and do it so beautifully 
I can just imagine how well this song will do on the radio and I predict many stations and shows around the world, will pick up this song and it will do well in the charts 
I would like to congratulate Onlogies and TomyV, Another Ghost is a very beautiful track, it is a beautiful piece of music and I hope they collab more with each other because they have something here and beautiful chemistry  

Bio – Onlogies (Erasmus Hendrikse)

Onlogies means illogical. The name itself offers creative freedom, which always reminds us not to conform. Onlogies started producing music since 2021. The idea of Onlogies is to write from the heart and to collaborate as much as possible. 



Bio – TomyV (Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu)

Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu, known professionally as TomyV, is a South African musician, singer, and songwriter born in Soweto, South Africa. His musical journey began in Tembisa after overcoming personal challenges, where his innate talent for singing and music emerged. Despite facing hardships in his upbringing in Alexandra, Gauteng, TomyV discovered his passion for music, leading to significant artistic growth.

Having signed with a notable label early in his career, TomyV collaborated with revered artists such as Steve Kekana, Paledi Malatjie, and Babsie Mlangeni, showcasing his musical prowess. His initial singles garnered widespread acclaim, including a notable performance on national television network’s Sunrise. Despite further setbacks, including the termination of his contract, TomyV remained resilient. In October 2019, he released his EP titled “DINEO,” which received an overwhelmingly positive response from audiences nationwide.

TomyV collaborates closely with esteemed producer, engineer, and filmmaker Mr. Jack Mojapelo, whose expertise has contributed to shaping TomyV’s signature sound. Driven by a relentless passion for music, TomyV aims to leave an indelible mark in the music industry. With an unwavering determination to share his musical gift with a global audience, he continues to strive for excellence and success in his artistic endeavours.




Thomas Sibusiso Mthembu (TomyV) & Onlogies (Erasmus Hendrikse) Photos by Sonjia Meier



Another ghost, another taste

You show yourself in every woman

Do you tease me, prepare me?

Have you been here watching over me?

Another girl, another dream

The shadows of the one I’d like to see

Do you shy away long for me? 

Have you been here protecting me?

And there you were all the time, right in front of my eyes

A little bit not perfect but perfect for you

At first sight, I see you

Doubted imperfections I wanted to        

I see you, at long last

Learning all the things that makes you, you

There you were all the time, right in front of my eyes

A little bit not perfect but perfect for you

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