Choc Flip Flop Day Launch 2024

Reviewed by Barry Viljoen

Photographer Credit: Sitombe Photography

Hopefully, by now most of you are well acquainted with CHOC and Flip Flop Day. Though if you’re not, you’re in luck, as I’ll fill you in.

CHOC has for a while and hopefully with your support will continue to offer holistic psychosocial support to children and their families affected by cancer. This is done through initiatives like Flip Flop Day which for a nominal fee you can contribute towards the care offered.

Once again, the fantastic Four Seasons in Westcliff played host to the event, Johannesburg’s only hillside hotel. This spectacular setting also has in view Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital, which is one of the hospitals at which CHOC does some of its incredibly necessary and amazing work. A ward and unit which was spoken about by several of the speakers, with far greater fondness than I had expected. The entertainment was spectacular as always and assisted in bringing in a lighter feel to an event that can be very heavy.  

Perhaps some of you might wonder what the value of such an annual event is. The answer is a relatively simple one. The greater the awareness, the greater the support. Cancer and the associated care can often feel like a distant thing, not directly affecting us, and as such we might not see the need for support. However, it’s far closer to home than we think. It affects all communities, all ages, and all South Africans, without fear or favour.  

As such it was important to hear about the lived firsthand experience of the families and at times those directly affected. Stories of triumph and resilience were shared, of loss and the darker side of this disease too.  Through all of this CHOC and their support were paramount, in both the good and the bad. Giving a face to those assisted, as opposed to being distant numbers.

I hope that this event will continue to grow from strength to strength and that you will be wearing your sticker, if not your flip-flops on the 23rd of February. My wish is that CHOC can be like insurance for you and your families, being there in case you need it but hopefully never needing to be called upon. 



TEL: 086 111 3500



Don’t miss out on supporting children and teens with cancer! You can get your virtual stickers for just R10 each now. Your small change can make a big difference! #FlipFlopDay 




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