Cece Vee falls for the villain in new alt-pop single, “Sucker”.
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It’s been a monumental couple of years for South African alt-pop artist Cece Vee. Since her debut in the music industry, she has been building a steady global fanbase with international playlist, licensing and sync placements. She received a 2022 SAMA nomination for Artist of the Year, barely after being featured on renowned US music blog, EARMILK, and having “Wild Hearts” featured in an episode of the US TV series, “Good Trouble.”
With numerous singles playlisted on Spotify’s GLOW (1m+ listeners), an international licensing deal for a synth-pop compilation, and a single that hit number 1 on the Jacaranda FM SA Top 10 (“Wishes”), Cece Vee’s impact continues to grow at a steady measured pace with each new release.

She now introduces her next major release for 2024: unapologetic queer alt-pop anthem, “Sucker”.

The aptly titled track is a song about always falling for the ‘bad girl.’ “This is a song about having a bad habit of always falling for someone who is terrible for you, even though you know they will end up destroying you. We all love a good villain, and this song talks about the irresistible allure of a villainous vixen, aka the ‘Bad Girl,’” Cece explains. “The danger is exciting and you fall for her tricks, like magic. You keep getting drawn to her for some reason, and the cycle never ends. You only learn when it’s too late.”

The song’s slick production seamlessly blends a rhythmic acoustic guitar backdrop with pulsating synths, creating an unforgettable alt-pop anthem that will have listeners tapping their feet and screaming the lyrics at the top of their lungs.

“Sucker” is an electrifying track with a tongue-in-cheek premise that is as bold as it is catchy. Its confessional lyrics add a layer of vulnerability to the track, striking a delicate equilibrium between self-awareness and playfulness. Much like the villain depicted in the song, “Sucker” is a track that will entice listeners to hit repeat over and over again.

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Praise for Cece Vee:
“The simple yet effective chorus has that nostalgic, ’80s-style pop ballad ring to it, met by a soft vocal delivery that gives the song a more contemporary, yet sensitive, almost dreamy edge. Pair that with a retro confessional tone and you’ve got yourself a quintessential hit, tenderly showcasing Cece Vee’s dynamic artistry.”  Texx and the City (2023 – Review of Wishes)

“South Africa-based alternative-pop artist Cece Vee’s newest release “Holiday” is another stamp of her distinct experimental pop-infused style we are fond of.”  EARMILK (2023 – Review of Holiday)

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Watch the Visualizer for “Sucker” HERE



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