Silver Dollar Room ‘Little Things’ out 8/3/24!

Silver Dollar Room are an alternative rock band from Scotland, carefully crafting songs of real life issues and the world around them.  Drawing collectively from their experiences, song writing, performances and creativity, SDR are ready to follow in the footsteps of bands such as Manic Street Preachers, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Bush.

They may be a new band, but it’s members have already paid their dues on the music scene.  This is a band who know exactly what they are doing, where they are going and how to get there.  And they want you to listen closely as they are addressing some of the big things in life today, not just their lives but the lives of everyone. These are not mundane love songs; these are things that are hard to hear but need to be listened to.

Fronting the band is John Keenan (Vocals) best known for Edinburgh rockers DMS.  His unique voice is one of the most distinctive on the scene.  He has played sell-out shows in some of Scotland’s most prestigious venues and has gained massive respect for both his voice and his song writing.  Driving this is a mind that needs to say something.  And SDR gives him, in fact encourages him to say what he wants with no filter. 
Guitarist Jamie Turnbull may be best known as Producer for bands like Dogs D’Amour, but he has been seen on stages all over the UK since he was a teenager. His gifted song writing has seen him open up for legends such as Paul Di’anno of Iron MaidenSkindred and Breed 77.  Being a ‘gun for hire’ guitar player has seen him rack up hundreds of gigs in the last ten years alone!
Lisa Aird is a professional musician and multi instrumentalist who is handling bass duties. Best known as part of Edinburgh institution AC Rid, she has also performed all over the UK and Europe as a singer. She brings not only a massive amount of musical experience and integrity, but an attitude and professionalism like no other.
Douglas McDonald is one of the most powerful drummers on the music scene, with a tribal backbeat and groove that most drummers would die for.  Having racked up extensive touring and festival experience with indie rockers The Acute, he knows what the UK music is all about.

Debut single ‘Little Things’ is out 8/3/24 across all platforms!

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YouTube lyric video


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“Inspired by the 1993 Michael Douglas movie Falling Down, Little Things touches on themes of inner battles, societal pressure, and the delicate balance between vulnerability and strength. The lyrics grapple with conflicting emotions, seeking solace in small moments while navigating through a chaotic world. Ultimately, it’s a raw expression of the human condition.”

Music by Jamie Turnbull
Lyrics by John Keenan
Logo and Lyric Video by Lisa Aird
Photos by Forbo Forbes, Edited by Lisa Aird
Recorded by Jamie Turnbull at Post Electric Studios, Edinburgh

Mixed by Jamie Turnbull
Mastered by Katie Tavini at Weird Jungle

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