Free Music Workshop: An Introduction to Artist Management Hosted by Cheeba Africa, Ivyson Entertainment, and Bridges for Music

Cheeba Africa, in collaboration with Ivyson Entertainment and Bridges for Music, is proud to announce a free music workshop on the “Fundamentals of Artist Management”. Scheduled for March 2nd, 2024, at 2:00 PM, this event aims to empower aspiring music professionals with essential insights into artist management in the contemporary music industry.  The workshop will kick start a series that will take place monthly at the Cheeba Hub in Rivonia Johannesburg.
The workshop will feature distinguished speakers who are veterans in the field of artist management, including Ayanda Ngcobo who manages Nasty C, Tshego – a prominent singer-songwriter and producer and hosted by Cheeba Africa’s CEO and Co-founder Trenton Birch who is also a founding member of the internationally acclaimed education non-profit Bridges for Music. Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to learn directly from these industry experts, gaining valuable knowledge and practical advice on navigating the complexities of managing artists.
In addition to insightful talks and discussions, the workshop will also include performances by renowned DJs and musicians, adding an extra layer of excitement and entertainment to the event. Featured performers include DJ Paul Phiri, DJ Refilwe, and the soulful sounds of Jazz & Coffee performing live.

Topics to be covered during the workshop include:

Determining the Ideal moment for an artist to work with a manager

Exploring the Artist-Manager Relationship:

Delving into the dynamics and intricacies of the partnership between artists and managers.

Understanding the anticipated contributions and functions artists envision from their managers and visa versa.

Examining the varying levels and tiers within the realm of artist management.

Clarifying the specific duties, obligations, and tasks inherent in the role of artist managers.

Artist Development Strategies: Nurturing talent, building a brand, and guiding artists through career milestones.

Music Industry Contracts and Negotiation: Understanding contract terms, negotiating deals, and protecting artists’ interests.

Tour Management Essentials: Planning, logistics, and budgeting for successful tours.

Networking and Relationship Building in the Music Industry: Cultivating connections with industry professionals, venues, and media.

Artist Health and Wellness: Supporting artists’ physical and mental well-being for long-term success.

“We are excited to offer this educational opportunity in partnership with Ivyson Entertainment and Bridges for Music,” said Trenton Birch from Cheeba Africa. “Artist management is a critical aspect of the music business, and we believe that providing aspiring professionals with access to industry expertise is essential for their growth and success.”

The workshop will take place at the Cheeba Hub in Rivonia Johannesburg, a dynamic venue that reflects Cheeba Africa’s commitment to creativity and innovation in the arts and culture and sustainability and wellness space.

Ayanda Ngcobo of Ivyson Entertainment expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with Cheeba Africa and Bridges for Music to deliver a series of essential music education workshops to the industry. “With the growth of our industry, there’s a clear need for greater insight into the formal structures governing its operations. This initiative is vital in bolstering South Africa’s burgeoning presence on the global stage.”

The workshop is open to anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in artist management, artists and music industry personnel. Whether you’re a budding manager, artist, or enthusiast, this event promises to deliver valuable insights and networking opportunities.

Registration for the workshop is essential and now open. Interested individuals can sign up by visiting: Here

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