Sound Waves and Stories: Tian Nienaber Opens Up About His Latest Release ‘Knip die Tou’ – Fanbase Music Magazine Interview

Interviewed by David Devo Oosthuizen


Fanbase Music Magazine warmly welcomes back Tian Nienaber, a rising star in the music industry whose talent continues to captivate audiences worldwide. In this interview, we delve deep into Tian’s latest release ‘Knip die Tou’, exploring the intricate layers of his new single and music video. As avid followers of Tian’s career, we are thrilled to catch up with him and discover the inspiration behind his newest creation.

Stream ‘Knip die Tou’ and watch the Music Video available from 1 March on all platforms HERE

Congratulations on your latest single and music video ‘Knip die Tou’! Having followed your journey closely, we’ve witnessed your evolution as an artist. How does this new release reflect your growth and artistic vision?

Tian: I think a big part of the journey has been personal growth. I’ve learned that not all things can be fixed, and not all ideas are worth pursuing. In terms of music, this is also something I’ve had to learn.

The music video accompanying your single is visually stunning. Could you walk us through the creative process behind its conception and execution?

Tian: I feel like dancing and music both can stun an audience. The concept of the video was to have a different element to show the emotion of the song. If you’ve ever gone through a breakup, you’ll know that it hits your emotions from all sides, and I feel like the video shows that.


Your music often carries profound messages. What themes or emotions does this new single explore, and why are they significant to you?

Tian: I’ve always been a strong believer that music can speak about subjects that are otherwise difficult to talk about. This song is about relationships where you are always trying to make things work. You’re always giving more of yourself, and it just never feels like enough.

Collaborations have played a pivotal role in your career. Did you collaborate with anyone on this latest project, and if so, how did they influence the outcome?

Tian: For this project, I feel like the biggest collaboration has been with the dancers. Working with them and having a physical representation of what I was feeling is great. They showed a side to my music that I hadn’t seen before.

As an artist, how do you navigate the balance between staying true to your unique sound and experimenting with new musical styles or techniques?

Tian: Music is something that will always grow and change a bit. It goes without saying that your music will change as you do. I think the important part will be staying authentic to the person you are in the moment. You can’t make music for other people. If you make it for yourself, it will be worth it.

Your fans are eager to know if there’s an album or EP in the works following this single release. Can you provide any insights into your upcoming projects?

Tian: There definitely is an EP in the works. When it will be ready, I’m not too sure. There are a few more singles ready for this year.

Live performances are an integral part of your artistry. How do you envision translating the essence of this new single into your live shows?

Tian: Being a solo performer and acoustic player, all my songs start off in live shows before they head to the studio. I believe that this one is one of the easier songs to play live and get the emotion right. I’d love to get a cello in on this song live though.

In today’s rapidly evolving music industry, what strategies do you employ to stay connected with your audience and remain relevant amidst changing trends?

Tian: I believe that staying true to yourself and to the art of music is all you need to do. If you keep to a genre or a style and you, do it well time after time, then your fanbase will come and they will follow.


Reflecting on your musical journey thus far, what lessons have you learned that have shaped your approach to creating and sharing your music?

Tian: The biggest thing I’ve learned is to stay humble. Realize that it is about the music and not about yourself. If you do that, then you’ll be okay.

Beyond music, what other creative outlets or interests do you explore, and do they influence your musical endeavours in any way?

Tian: I’ve always loved cooking and food. Finding harmony in flavours are just as important as harmonies in music. The biggest thing cooking brings to music is that you learn to be patient and work hard. But that first bite will always have you coming back.

As a storyteller through your music, what impact do you hope to leave on your listeners, both now and in the years to come?

Tian: I hope to show them that even though the world is a bit of a difficult place and even though life sometimes is hard. There are always people willing to listen and help. Also that personal growth and the growth of the people around you can slowly change the world.

With your fanbase continuously growing, how do you engage with your supporters and show appreciation for their unwavering loyalty?

Tian: I think the biggest thing now is to bring them good music on a regular basis. There’s no better way of saying thanks than giving them more.

Looking at your career highlights, what moments stand out to you as particularly memorable or defining?

Tian: I feel like my transition into the Afrikaans Scene is a big moment. It has opened many doors and has gotten me writing about new things again.

Lastly, what message would you like to convey to your fans who have been eagerly anticipating this new release, and to those who are just discovering your music for the first time?

Tian: Just thanks for the support. The music industry isn’t an easy one, but we do it for you because we love you. The fans are the reason we can do the things we love.

Thank you for graciously sharing your insights with us once again Tian. We eagerly await the journey your new single and music video will take us on, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success in the music industry.



Stream ‘Knip die Tou’ and watch the Music Video available from 1 March on all platforms HERE


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More About Tian Nienaber

Tian Nienaber is a South African indie alternative singer-songwriter who embarked on his musical journey in the industry at the age of 17, initially working as a sound engineer and rigger. Over the course of the first six years of his career, Tian dedicated himself to the road, accompanying numerous artists and contributing to various significant festivals. This period allowed him to immerse himself in the intricacies of the industry while forging invaluable relationships. Tian’s passion for music, ignited at the age of 12 when he began playing guitar and writing songs, naturally led him to pursue a career as a performing artist, transitioning from behind-the-scenes work to the forefront of the music scene.

In the past seven years, Tian has established himself as a prominent figure in the indie alternative genre, showcasing his distinctive musical style on various platforms. He has graced the stages of renowned festivals such as ‘Alternatief Is Groot,’ ‘Zeegunst,’ and ‘STRAB,’ captivating audiences with his performances. Additionally, Tian has had the honour of sharing the stage with esteemed South African artists including Francois van Coke, Fokofpolisiekar, and Die Heuwels Fantasties. His talent has not gone unnoticed on television, with appearances on shows like ‘Die Groot Ontbyt’ (Kyknet) and ‘Doodgewone Jo’ with Jo Black (Via / DSTV).

In 2021, Tian Nienaber made waves with the release of his debut single and accompanying video, ‘Hurting Love,’ produced by Peach Van Pletzen at ‘Planet Awesome.’ The song garnered widespread acclaim, achieving chart success in South Africa and Australia, and earning Tian the prestigious Banger Music Award for ‘Best Solo Artist 2021’ in the United States. Building on this momentum, Tian followed up in 2022 with his sophomore single, ‘Soldier On,’ further solidifying his position in the music scene.

In 2023, Tian ventured into Afrikaans music with the release of ‘Hemel Se Deur’ (‘Heaven’s Door’), which enjoyed chart success on various radio stations. Now, as he embarks on 2024, Tian’s highly anticipated second Afrikaans single and video, ‘Knip die Tou’ (‘Cut the Cord’), promises to continue his upward trajectory in the industry, offering listeners another powerful and introspective musical experience.

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