Rise Productions Presents: Rendezvous @ Rumours Lounge


Thursday Nights Just got way better, Rise Productions Presents. Rendezvous At Rumours Lounge Featuring Monica And Me, Lazarus Johnston, Circus Charlie

Venue: Rumours Lounge

Date: 7th March


Doors Open 7 pm 

Event Page HERE

Monica & Me


Monica and Me is an exciting folk-rock duo that brings a fresh twist to the genre. Formed in 2023 by Monica Cserei-Wiese and Eleazar Strachan their music is a blend of traditional folk melodies and contemporary rock rhythms. With Monica’s expressive vocals and Eleazar’s folk guitar work, they create a sound that is both captivating and memorable. Their debut album, “Monica and me ,” is a testament to their talent and creativity, and they are quickly becoming a favorite in the folk-rock scene. Keep an eye out for Monica and Me as they continue to make waves with their unique sound and energetic performances.



About Lazarus Johnston
Established in 2023 however, going a good 5 years back, Lazarus Johnston was discovered. Through the late poker nights on a mountain top in the Eastern Cape, Lance soon discovered Lazarus, a poker term used when having your last bet on the table and pulling a miraculous comeback and winning the pot. This term was often used for Lance, the youngest member at the table. However, the story doesn’t end there, with the copious amounts of crafted beer and blues rock playing in the background. Johnston strung a tune of its own. During those memorable nights, Lance would walk back through the forests to get home, soon discovering this strange entity. A strange shadowy female figure. This wasn’t the first or the last Lance would see this figure. Through the craftsmanship and experimentation, Lance endured through music, more and more did this entity join in. Sooner or later the music found its way and fellow musicians joined this style of music. The band was formed and she soon appeared. This mysterious entity guides and toys with the band, sometimes spoiling their practices or toying with her curiosity among the members. The band dubbed her Lazarus Johnston and is a proud East Rand band, their music flows from Acid rock, pirate shanties, and weird stories. The band’s concrete influences thrive from The Doors, Deep Purple, and Uriah Heep.

About Circus Charlie

Introducing Circus Charlie, your ultimate ticket to a mind-blowing journey through the pulsating beats of the 90s techno and dance era! Get ready to groove and feel the rhythm like never before, as Circus Charlie brings the electrifying essence of that unforgettable era straight to your soul through live performance drumming.
From the nostalgic echoes of classic tracks to their own unique twist on the legendary beats, Circus Charlie is all set to make you lose yourself in an explosive wave of musical euphoria. 
Join us for a night filled with infectious energy, pulsating vibes, and a whole lot of heart-pounding beats. Brace yourself for an experience that will leave you craving for more! Don’t miss out on the electrifying magic that only Circus Charlie can deliver. Let’s make memories that’ll last a lifetime!


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