Alt-Indie Artist GAZ Delivers Stirring New Single ‘Lullaby For The World’: A Potent Fusion of Protest and Prayer, Produced by Mark Beling


Hailing from the United Kingdom and now rooted in South Africa, alt-indie artist GAZ emerges as a beacon of authenticity and social consciousness with his latest release, ‘Lullaby For The World.’ Produced by the esteemed Mark Beling, this single is a compelling fusion of protest and prayer, reflecting global themes of adversity and hope.

Lullaby For The World’ finds its inspiration in the challenges of our times, navigating through issues of war, politics, and societal disillusionment with a candid sincerity. Through his evocative lyrics and melodic craftsmanship, GAZ invites listeners to confront the complexities of our world, urging introspection and action in the face of adversity.

Despite obstacles encountered during production, GAZ and producer Mark Beling remained steadfast in their commitment to authenticity and meaningful expression. The result is a genuine rock lullaby that strikes a chord with listeners, offering both solace and a call to engage with the pressing issues of our era.

As GAZ continues to make waves in the indie music scene, ‘Lullaby For The World’ emerges as a testament to his artistry and vision. With its compelling message and captivating sound, this single serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of music in times of uncertainty.

Having been on a roll since his return to the music scene, ‘Lullaby For The World’ marks GAZ’s 9th single from his upcoming album. To all those yet to discover GAZ and his music, ‘Lullaby For The World’ promises an experience that is both enlightening and enriching, inviting listeners to embark on a journey of introspection and connection through the power of song.



GAZ Commentary:

Inspiration: ‘Lullaby for the World’ was inspired by my profound concern for the current hardships facing the world today. It serves as both a protest song and a prayer for change. Wars, religion, politics, unrest … wherever one looks, these issues abound. I began questioning whether it might be time for divine intervention from above. I aimed to challenge people’s belief systems and ethics while also challenging myself to write something meaningful that could contribute to my prayers for peace and harmony in our world.

Writing: Recognising the differing perspectives that may arise regarding the lyrics, I intentionally ponder whether humanity’s challenges have reached a significant enough point to prompt a notion of divine assistance, symbolised by a hypothetical ‘second coming.’ The song calls upon the heavens, evoking the presence of God and angels, to intercede in our earthly difficulties. In my imagination, heaven is portrayed as a sanctuary amidst the tumult below, where angels observe the trials of humanity while performing solemn duties such as singing hymns, attending to graves, and providing comfort through the sale of flowers.

I reference major cities around the world to warn that they could be next in line, urging people to take a stand. No one is immune to current events, and stepping out of comfort zones is essential for peace. The lyrics suggest that people are losing hope in the face of constant war, loss, pollution, politics, and poverty. The least I could do was to write about these current events, hoping to raise consciousness among listeners, leaders, warmongers, and the world’s leadership.

The track entices the listener with colourful melodies, harmonies, and strong lyrics that build to a powerful ending, releasing all my anger and frustrations. Transitioning from the quiet and calm verses to the energetic rock choruses, ‘Lullaby for the World’ prompts listeners to consider their mortality, beliefs, and contributions to a better world. It becomes the rock lullaby I had originally envisioned.

Recording: The production process proved challenging. I wrote the song in September 2023 and brought it to Mark Beling Studios. We struggled to find the right approach, and our initial session yielded only a few recordings worth keeping. It became apparent that we were not fully prepared to tackle this ambitious project.

After listening to the recorded passages, I suggested rearranging a section of the song, sparking a complete rewrite of the lyrics. Despite encountering various issues, including technical glitches and health concerns, we persevered. Mark’s expertise brought the track to life, enhancing it with guitar, bass, drums, and synth, elevating my vocals to a new dimension.

GAZ Biography

Garry Mc McCluskey, better known by his stage name GAZ, is a singer-songwriter originally from the UK but now based in South Africa. As the former frontman of the South African 90s rock band CRUSH, GAZ is well-versed in both the studio and stage environments. Throughout his career, he has shared stages with some of South Africa’s most renowned musical talents and achieved chart success with his former 4-piece band.

After a hiatus from the South African music scene, Garry rekindled his passion for writing and recording music in 2020, adopting the stage name ‘GAZ’ for his solo endeavours. SAMA-winning producer Mark Beling has been instrumental in GAZ’s musical journey, overseeing the recording and production of all tracks for GAZ’s highly anticipated debut album at his Johannesburg studio.

Among the standout tracks on his forthcoming album is ‘Lullaby For The World,’ showcasing GAZ’s dynamic and hard-hitting style. This single follows a string of hits, including ‘Slow Down’ (which reached No. 1 in North Carolina, USA), ‘Dopamine’ (a South African Top 10 hit), and ‘Pay To Breathe’ (which charted in the South African Top 20), among others that have garnered radio chart success.

GAZ is currently in the final stages of completing his solo album. The charismatic frontman, renowned for his captivating vocals and songwriting prowess, plans to mark the album’s release with a return to the stage, accompanied by a full live band. Keep an eye out for GAZ as he continues to make waves in the music industry with his soulful sound and electrifying performances.


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