Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys announce new record and US/EU tour dates


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Less than a year after the release of ‘Heaving’, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys have shared news of a new album. ‘A Human Home’ was written during lockdown in Lucy’s room in Berlin. It is a low-fi, intimate and expressive collection of musical sketches which explore what it means to find, and to feel at home. Featuring several accidental and deliberate remote collaborations, it documents a specific, personal, and universally shared moment in time.
The first single from the album, ‘Rooms’, opens with the spoken lines, ‘I just wanna be close. I just wanna be close.’ A swirling synth and string arrangement draw you into the intimacy of the sonic space.

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The original idea for the project was to gather poems, sketches and different artistic expressions from friends and family exploring their experience of isolation, and to use those as starting points for songs. What ended up feeling more interesting and truer, were the unscripted conversations Lucy was having at the time. She collected voice notes and texts from friends and spent time with those, allowing them to inform her writing. ‘Rooms’ is a collaged duet with her best friend, Candice Cruse, who lives in South Africa and had just moved to Cape Town when lockdown began. Jean-Louise Parker, who had just moved to Berlin, added strings from her bedroom. This was the first time Jean-Louise and Lucy worked together. A year later Jean-Louise joined The Lost Boys as a full-time member of the band.
The making of the album was a deliberate attempt to encourage the influence of others on her creative and personal process. An acknowledgement of how much of home lies not only in place, but in the people we love.
The full album will be available in May through Unique Records in Europe, and Metropolis in the USA.
This month Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys will be playing at New Colossus in New York and SXSW in Austin and will then be heading on a tour across Europe.

Tour Dates

  • MAR 6 WED – The New Colossus Festival 2024 @ 7:00pm – Lower East Side, NY, United States


  • MAR 9 SAT – Pianos @ 12:45pm – New York, NY, United States


  • MAR 10 SUN – Pianos @ 12:45pm – New York, NY, United States


  • MAR 11 MON – SXSW 2024 @ 7:00pm – Austin, TX, United States


  • MAR 12 TUE – Commerce Hall @ 6:30pm – Lockhart, TX, United States


  • MAR 23 SAT – Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys @ Sinnesrauschen Festival @ 7:00pm Wien, Austria


  • MAR 24 SUN Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys Live @ 7:00pm Innsbruck City Center, Austria


  • MAR 25 MON – Freakout Club @ 7:00pm Bologna, Italy


  • MAR 27 WED – Fanfulla @ 7:00pm Roma, Italy


  • MAR 28 THU – The cave club @ 7:00pm – Firenze, Italy


  • MAR 29 FRI – Rote fabrik – Aktionshalle @ 7:00pm – Zürich, Switzerland


  • MAR 30 SAT – Point 11 @ 7:00pm – Sion, Switzerland


  • APR 3 WED – Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys @ Europavox Festival @ 7:00pm – București, Romania


  • APR 4 THU – Singles @ 7:30pm – София, Bulgaria


  • APR 5 FRI – Agora @ 7:00pm – Kumanovo, North Macedonia


  • APR 6 SAT – Elektropionir @ 7:00pm Beograd, Serbia


  • APR 11 THU – GrooveStation @ 7:00pm Dresden, Germany


  • APR 12 FRI Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys @ Stream Festival Linz @ 7:00pm- Linz, Austria


  • MAY 17 FRI – Orange Blossom Special 2024 @ 7:00pm – Beverungen, Germany


  • MAY 18 SAT – treibsAND @ 7:00pm – Lübeck, Germany


  • MAY 23 THU – Merleyn @ 7:00pm – Nijmegen, Netherlands


  • MAY 24 FRI – Vera @ 7:00pm – Groningen, Netherlands


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