Chrissy J de Beer shares her journey to self-discovery in new single ‘Pieces of Me’



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Chrissy J de Beer may be petite in size, but her voice says otherwise. The 12-year-old singer, actor, dancer and model is shining her bright light on all areas of the entertainment industry and making her mark wherever she goes.

For those who say nothing good came out of COVID, they haven’t met Chrissy J. The young starlet wrote and recorded her debut single ‘High Five’ during lockdown and it was the catalyst to a budding music career.

The songstress says, “I always loved listening to the radio and when I wrote and recorded my first single, I wanted to share it with the rest of the world.”

Come 2024 and Chrissy J just released her fourth single ‘Pieces of Me’, yet another upbeat pop track that will have the blood dancing in your veins. In all her songs, Chrissy J has always aimed to inspire other people to be the best version of themselves, and the new track is no different. This time, however, she also challenged herself to be better.

The song is a tribute to all the people she has met and all the places she has been in her music career.

She explains, “I’ve met so many people and visited so many places that all form part of my singing journey so far. They make up the ‘Pieces of Me’, who I am and what I stand for and they inspire me to be a better version of myself. Every song I write has its own meaning in that time and period. I grow and learn so much with each song. It makes me feel that my music journey is something to be really proud of and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. ”

Chrissy has come a long way since her humble beginnings and has achieved far more beyond just her music career. In July 2022, she attended the International Modeling and Talent Association (IMTA) conference in New York. Here she performed in front of top industry leaders and received several excellence medals in various faculties. 



Looking back, Chrissy J is grateful to all the people in her life who have encouraged, helped and supported her along the way.

She adds, “It is so important to surround yourself with the right people.”

Her parents are top of the list, next to God, who she says blessed her with all these amazing talents.

Although the singer is still a tween, the song is for anyone, regardless of age, who wants a good pick-me-up.

Chrissy J explains, “I would describe my music as vibey, fun and poppy. I’m happy if the audience feels inspired by the messages in my songs. If I connect and make a difference in one person’s life, it is enough.”

This is not to say that there haven’t been challenges. At the tender age of 6, she was diagnosed with Hyper-mobility Syndrome.

She sighs, “I face the constant need to protect my joints during physical activities. I have learnt to manage my limitations and through doing my special exercises I have proved that passion and perseverance can overcome any challenge.”

Asked if music is something she wants to do full-time when older, Chrissy J contemplates, “Yes, I still want to do music and write songs when I’m older, but I would like to keep the door open for other possibilities. I don’t know what the future holds for me and I might want to pursue a different full-time career.”

A quadruple threat, there is no doubt that the young star will continue to grow and flourish and will succeed in whatever path she chooses. 

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