Christof Berg introduces new single titled “Movie



Christof Berg introduces new single titled “Movie.”

Singer-songwriter Christof Berg stole Afrikaans music lovers’ hearts with the release of his moving debut Afrikaans single “Wil jy sien hoe lyk die hemel” in November 2023. Berg is a seasoned artist who has performed in more than 40 countries over the past two decades, but it is only recently that he started writing music in Afrikaans. He currently spends most of his time at his family farm “Witkraal” in the Freestate, where he is busy with the recording of a full-length album. “Witkraal” and the fact that the farmworkers filmed the video for his first single here on the farm, made headline news and “Wil jy sien hoe lyk die hemel” introduced Christof Berg to a whole new appreciative Afrikaans audience.


Fans can now listen to Christof Berg`s exciting new official second single titled “Movie.”

Berg shares that the inspiration for “Movie” was born from his personal musical travels around the world. He says: “It started for me as a young pianist on a passenger ship. From the forgotten cities along the African coast, to the ancient Viking world of the Scandinavian countries, I came to know the spontaneous world of Western Europe well and found myself on numerous cheerful islands. Later, Eastern Europe and the freezing cold of Russia followed. The winds of the Middle East showed me the way to the deserts of Egypt, Jordan and the Emirates, and all the way to mystical India, where travelers from all over the world came looking for something deeper within themselves. In South- East Asia, the warm tropical nights were filled with celebrations, lanterns and exotic foods.  In Thailand, she and I drove through rice paddies with motorcycles, past herds of wild water buffalo. In China, Japan and Korea, the two of us walked through the streets wondering about life. She kept a diary; I was looking for songs. If I’m asked what my best memory of it all is, my answer is always: She. There are many, uncountably many memories and experiences, but nothing could weigh up to the way that she could light up the stars in the sky.

The music video for “Movie” was once again filmed at Witkraal, but where the natural farmland played backdrop to “Wil jy sien hoe lyk die hemel,” the farm had to transform into many places to tell the story of the song. To represent some of the countries in the song, there had to be sets made, to represent, among other things, an Arabian night, a tropical night in Thailand and an Indian temple. The farmworker film crew once again stepped in with the construction of these sets and for this new video, the camerawork was done by Roelof Botha. An Italian friend of Berg was flown from Cape Town to the farm, to take part in the video and fill the shoes of the mystical Italian girl that Christof Berg sings about in the song.”


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Christof Berg also released a beautiful version of Koos Kombuis` song “Boer in Beton” in February 2024.  See the video Here

View the video of the first single “Wil jy sien hoe lyk die hemel”


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