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Welcome back to Fanbase Music Magazine, where we reconnect with Jackson Colt for an updated conversation on their evolving musical odyssey. In this interview, we delve into the heartbeat of South African rock as Jackson Colt unveils their latest single and offers a sneak peek into the forthcoming music video for ‘Shake Your Body.’ Join us as we chart their journey, explore their creative process, and anticipate the vibrant future that lies ahead.


Reflecting on your journey since our last conversation when you released ‘Fallen Angel’, how have your experiences and musical endeavours shaped the evolution of Jackson Colt’s sound and vision?

Jackson Colt: Fallen Angel was the first ballad we released. It was exciting to release something unexpected. I’ve learned to embrace experimenting with the influence of different genres and sounds since then. I’ve enjoyed working outside of my comfort zone to try and make every new release something unique and special.

Drawing from the rich tapestry of musical heritage, which artists or bands have continued to influence and inspire the sonic identity of Jackson Colt, particularly in the context of your latest single, ‘Shake Your Body’?

Jackson Colt: Shake Your Body is an interesting song. The core of the song is 80s rock influenced like all the songs I write. They’re inspired by the bands I love like Def Leopard, Van Halen, Poison, Bon Jovi and many more. The idea of bringing in dance music to the song was inspired by music like Michael Jackson, BeeGees, Queen. Lyrically the song is very Gothic in terms of the way it is written. I am a fan of gothic music, film and poetry.

Can you share insights into the creative process behind ‘Shake Your Body,’ from its inception to the final recording? What themes or visual imagery did you aim to evoke with this electrifying track?

Jackson Colt: The song started with a bass line that I wrote one night and the vocal melody came naturally with it. It was around midnight when I started writing the song so I had the aura of the song already in my mind. I took the song to Dale Schnettler in the studio and he loved it. This is the first song where we have introduced synths and keyboards. Dale was instrumental in creating the electronic side of the song and then I was able to come in and do what I know best – the distorted guitars. I really wanted to create almost like a 1980s Hollywood horror movie feel to this song. The darker subject matter and hints of gothic inspired lyrics combined with the “neon” music sound was the original idea for this song.

Excitingly, you’ve hinted at an upcoming music video for ‘Shake Your Body.’ What can fans anticipate from this visual journey, and how does it complement the sonic narrative of the song?

Jackson Colt: This is the first music video we’ve done. When I was writing the song, I envisioned it like a film. An 80s Horror film in a way but still fun and playful. I really wanted to capture the vision of this film in the music video. I want it to be like a mini-movie. There is a human world and a vampire/underworld. I really wanted to highlight the contrast between the two worlds in the video to compliment the song’s subject. The human world is darker and more realistic where the vampire world is sort of cartoon-like and is more colourful. Being a so-called “vampire” is being lost in the music. We want everyone who sees it to come join the band in the vampire realm and get lost in the song. The video is very much like a movie thanks to Ditchfield Productions. Keaton is a phenomenal director and Freddie was an incredible camera operator.

Stepping into the realm of gear and instrumentation, are there any new additions or favourite tools that have influenced the production of ‘Shake Your Body’ and your evolving sound as a band?

Jackson Colt: This is the first song I’ve used a 7-string guitar on. It is tuned to Drop G which is very low and more used in modern metal. I wanted a heavier sounding guitar to contrast the dance side to the song. Give it a rock and metal feel while not being a very heavy song itself. The introduction of keyboards and synths was interesting. A lot of 80s bands used keys to add to their sound. Dale did an amazing job with the electronic side of the song. He was using all of the sounds that I didn’t even know existed. We would both play some parts and he would look through different sounds to invoke the colourful textures that the keys brought to the song.

Looking beyond the horizon, if you could curate your dream concert lineup featuring iconic rock legends alongside Jackson Colt, who would share the stage, and what electrifying moments do you envision for this epic performance?

Jackson Colt: Def Leppard, Van Halen with Eddie, Mammoth WVH, Whitesnake, Guns ‘n Roses, Led Zeppelin with Bonham, Grandfunk Railroad, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Ozzy Osbourne with Randy, Extreme, Sebastian Bach, Motley Crüe… I can carry on naming bands but I think this festival will have a year long festival with every band that I love. I think the highlight for me would be seeing all these bands for the first time. I would be the biggest fan in the front row singing my heart out to every song.

What messages or sentiments do you hope to convey to your audience through the pulsating rhythms and infectious energy of ‘Shake Your Body’?

Jackson Colt: Come join us in the vampire world. Come be a vampire. Let go of all of your worries and just get lost in the song with us. We all need an escape from our own reality once in a while. Take a quick trip to the vampire realm for three minutes and twenty-three seconds then go back up to the human world.

Beyond the musical realm, what hidden talents or passions have emerged within the members of Jackson Colt, and how do these facets of your personalities enrich your creative expression?

Jackson Colt: I feel like filming the music video really helped the band learn to perform better. Being in front of the camera forced us to get creative with the performance side to the music. Personally for me, the acting parts in the video was a very valuable lesson because even though I’m a musician, I still have to convey emotion when I perform or record a song. This helped a lot being under the microscope and learning to present your ideas through art.

In the spirit of exploration, if you could transport yourselves into the creative minds of any rock legends, past or present, who would you choose, and what aspects of their artistry would you seek to emulate or understand?

Jackson Colt: Definitely Eddie Van Halen. I would love to understand how he was so innovative. He changed the guitar forever and as a guitarist, there is so much I could learn from Eddie. He truly is the greatest guitar player in my opinion and one of my biggest heroes.

As you continue to carve your path in the music scene, what insights or advice do you have for aspiring musicians embarking on their own creative journeys?

Jackson Colt: Never give up. I know it gets hard sometimes and tiring most of the time. This is an industry that you can never make it overnight. Those days where you just wanna quit are the days that matter the most. Don’t quit. It’s not impossible, it’s just really really difficult. I believe that anyone can make it if they just keep on working at it and staying true to themselves.

Reflecting on your live performances, could you share memorable anecdotes or standout moments that have shaped your experiences on stage, both locally and beyond?

Jackson Colt: We were one of the headliners at a festival last year. I received a business from a very special lady who has changed my life while I was on stage. It is a moment I’ll never forget and she truly has supported me and my music. She is also the lead lady in the music video. There was also a show we played at AJ’s with Fanbase Music Magazine. My very good friend Duzzy was there and even though he was in crutches, he was rocking out hard with us. An absolute legend. We also played live on Darren Scott’s show JustPlainDrive in 2022 for the final Top 50 songs of the year. He was counting down the song top 5 and we placed second for the year. It was an incredible experience to play the song live on the radio. It was very different because we had to wait for cues from the MixFM team for when we had to start playing. It was so professional and a very unique experience.

Looking ahead to the future, what exciting endeavours and milestones lie on the horizon for Jackson Colt? Are there any upcoming tours, album releases, or collaborative projects that fans can eagerly anticipate?

Jackson Colt: There are really exciting things happening this year. We have our album almost ready to go but we are planning on releasing more singles and music videos before the full album. We also have a very exciting collaboration in the works with an artist who I’ve been a fan of for many years. I bought his debut album when I was younger and still listen to his work today. I’m very excited to be working with such a legend for the first time.

A sincere thank you to Jackson Colt for inviting us into their world once again, offering a glimpse into the heartbeat of South African rock. As they continue to ignite stages and inspire audiences worldwide, we eagerly await the visual spectacle of ‘Shake Your Body’ and the boundless creativity that lies ahead. Stay tuned to Fanbase Music Magazine for more exclusive interviews and updates from the vibrant world of music and entertainment!


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