Edinburgh’s Kyoshi Station write songs drawing from experiences as friends, partners, parents, frightened teenagers with musings on joy, doubt, change and grief. The group distil their influences into a mixture of powerful riff driven songs and extended psychedelic jams. With an album of self produced songs already under their their belt Kyoshi Station are ready to take things up a level.

The band have had a very busy 12 months with a run of singles releases; ‘Butterfly’Imposter‘, ‘When I Was New’‘Boxes’ (featuring Fiona Liddel) and ‘Wrong Again’ all picking up generous amounts of regional, national and international airplay, however previous release ‘Fanfare’ surpassed all expectations, becoming their most played track to date and receiving extremely positive feedback across the board

New single ‘Kaleidoscopes’will be released on
Friday 5th April at 00:00 GMT on all streaming platforms.

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“Kaleidoscopes is a song of two ideas smashed together. Today we are often told a piece of media, art, music or something else is ‘good. There are also people who will tell us the very same thing is ‘trash. If we don’t like what’s ‘good’ or if we do like what’s ‘trash’, then we can be made to feel there must be something wrong with our tastes, our style, our decisions…pffft. Kaleidoscopes explores this feeling and says fuck that, I’ll like what I want to like. There is also a theme of the plight of the independent music artist in today’s landscape – battling against 100,000 songs uploaded to streaming services every day. “My paper boat against the tide” is a great lyric that captures the sometimes hopeless feeling that small acts have when releasing music independently”.

Kaleidoscopes was recorded in secret,
apart from the drums which were recorded with
Dom Neary Music in Edinburgh.
It was mastered at Air Studios in London.



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