Skum Love – Lead Vocals
Robyn Sin – Guitars
M. Loebig – Bass
James “Jas” Dillon – Drums
The band,Skumloveis excited to announce the release of their new video “EGO”.  The band has been a staple in the Los Angeles Music scene since the late 90’s.  Able to sell out their first handful of shows in Los Angeles, with an All-Star lineup with members from  Fear Factory, Sx-10, Skinny Puppy and Professional Murder Music to touring through the Midwest and Canada supporting such acts as StaticX, Danzig, Type O Negative, Combichrist and Ministry. Skumlove’s music embodies multiple genres covering rock, industrial, metal and post punk.
Once again, Skumlove has teamed up with Industrialism Films for the release of their official video for their latest song EGO. (Prior videos collaborated were for The Dark and reimagining of Judas Priest’s Turbo Lover)The genius eye of Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films collaborating with singer Skum has created a story as old as time in this new video.

Showing the arrogance and the ego it takes to be a cult leader.”  A story about a devious cult leader taking advantage of his followers only to lead them to their demise. The video plays out with an Avant-Garde, noir feel not usually seen in current music videos.

The song itself was actually the first song Skumlove ever wrote in 1998 only making it to the demo stages and was played live a few times where a handful of copies reached the public.  Fast-forward to 2023 where the band began to write again bringing the song a new life with producer and engineer Alex Crescioni adding a darker and creepier sound.With the help of Maor Appelbaum the song was mastered to perfection.  “ the song took on a whole new life of its own, a fresh resurrection, if you will.  We did what we did and let Alex interpret it in his own way, and it turned out better than we planned.”

Skumlove has released two full albums, “ Songs of Lust and Corrosion” & “Sinister Minister” along with multiple singles and EP’s.

The band has come back very strong from a hiatus and in 2023 filled venues all through the West Coast and released multiple singles that have pushed the band to the next level.

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