Arts & Culture Trust announces final call for applications for the Thuthukisani Programme Atologa 2024



The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is excited to announce the last call for applications for the ACT Thuthukisani Programme Atologa 2024, which is open to all 9 provinces of South Africa until 12 April 2024. Held in collaboration with Nedbank, the ACT Thuthukisani Programme offers support to emerging and established arts entrepreneurs and independent artists, providing essential entrepreneurship training, mentorship, as well as cash investment opportunities.

The recently concluded cycle 3 of the Thuthukisani programme in 2023 was exclusively open to Gauteng, Free State, and Western Cape. Now in its fourth cycle, the programme, called Atologa 2024, invites a select group of artists and arts entrepreneurs from all South African provinces to apply. Participants who make it into the programme will commence training in mid-2024, with the training curriculum covering modules that are essential to entrepreneurial expertise such as Asset-based Citizen-led Development, Project Management, Financial Management, Marketing, Strategic Community and Audience Development, Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation as well as Learning.

Post training completion, participants will have the chance to present their projects, aiming for cash investment and personalised mentorship. Eligible projects must demonstrate the potential to generate income, which requires candidates to work closely with their mentors to develop a robust project plan. Only projects that illustrate merit and viability to generate income will be selected for the monetary investment of up to R35 000 for the project rollout, which is to take place within 90 days. Selected registered companies will be eligible for the maximum amount of R35 000 while non-registered companies will be eligible for a maximum R10 000 investment amount.

As a business development course, this programme demands a substantial commitment of time and effort. The following are eligible for selection in the programme:

  • Registered businesses (companies registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission).
  • Non-registered businesses (companies not registered with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission).
  • Community art centres from all 9 provinces of South Africa.
  • South African artists, arts entrepreneurs or organisations actively operating in South Africa within the disciplines of visual arts, digital arts, performing arts, music, and literature.

If applying in a music or film capacity, the content, theme, or subject matter must have arts and culture at its core. For example, music videos or documentaries about animals are not eligible.

‘ACT is looking for arts businesses or projects that demonstrate both merit and the potential to generate tangible income,’ says Jessica Denyschen, CEO of ACT. ‘In the past, we’ve been privileged to collaborate with dedicated arts professionals who successfully applied the learnings from the training curriculum to revitalise their business models, turning them into profitable ventures. It’s a privilege to witness their personal growth, skill refinement, and transformation into proactive business owners, some of whom have been creating a multitude of employment opportunities in the creative sector.’

Poovi Pillay, Executive Head of Corporate Social Investments (CSI) at Nedbank, says: ‘Nedbank in partnership with ACT is committed to making a positive impact on society through our focus on sustainable business creation and growth. The ACT Thuthukisani Programme Atologa 2024 is all about the development of small and medium arts enterprises throughout South Africa by sharing of entrepreneurial skills, mentorship and investment. This empowers participants with the tools they need to operate professionally and sustainably as artists and arts entrepreneurs. It also opens doors for partnership opportunities in diverse South African communities.’

Find out more about the programme and apply before the closing date of 12 April 2024 by visiting

If you have any questions about this programme, please contact Palesa Molefe at keep in touch with the ACT, visit their website, follow them on X, or like their Facebook page.

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