Halcyon Hope unveils captivating single “And We’d Be Lovers (Down Down Down)” as prelude to upcoming EP album

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Halcyon Hope proudly present their latest single, And We’d Be Lovers (Down Down Down), offering a glimpse into their upcoming EP album. The single was recorded at the band’s own studio in Southern Denmark and mixed by Benjamin Mlynek. The song signifies the genesis of a series of recording sessions that have given birth to a new distinctive sonic identity introducing more electro-rock elements into the mix.

The single encapsulates Halcyon Hope’s creative ethos, capturing the essence of longing and the pursuit of meaningful impact in an increasingly complex world. As an emerging force in the alternative-rock landscape in Northern Europe, the band draws inspiration from an international perspective, weaving stories that explore human relationships within a Nordic narrative. The fusion of composition and poetry serves as the cornerstone of their songwriting, creating a musical journey into contemporary alternative popular culture, reminiscent of an auditory Nordic Noir.

The single is a precursor to a larger narrative as the band prepares to unveil a series of 5 EPs. Each EP will encapsulate one of the five stages of grief — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance — creating a comprehensive soundtrack that guides listeners through a spectrum of emotions.


Halcyon Hope, a rising alt-rock band hailing from Denmark, offers a captivating fusion of composition and poetry in their music. With acclaimed albums and successful singles, the band has earned rotation on Danish national radio and extensive UK airplay, including on Planet Rock. Their packed schedule has included performances at renowned events like the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Cxidpok Festival in Ukraine, and SPOT Festival in Denmark. Notably, they’ve graced stages alongside emo legends Bayside, Spanish Love Songs, and national artists like Tim Christensen and Go Go Berlin. Featured in esteemed publications such as Music Week and Rock Sound, Halcyon Hope continues to make waves in the music scene.

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