Cherley Kane Talks To Fanbase Music Magazine About Her Music Career, Providing Music For TV And Film, And Her Track Leading Lady

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I was recently sent a track from a musician by the name Cherley Kane, I was blown away by her voice and songwriting of the track, I felt a sense of empowerment after hearing it, I was intrigued so had to invite her for an interview for Fanbase Music Magazine and also on my podcast, the rest I guess is history, Cherley Kane is a great talented musician who is so inspiring

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Hi Cherley, thank you for joining us in Fanbase Music Magazine, Can we start with where you are from and what got you into music?
I’m from the Republic of Ireland. I grew up in County Kildare about an hour from the capital Dublin. I remember learning my first song, an Irish ballad age four, it had six verses but I was determined to learn it and sing it for my family. the song was called ‘Spancil Hill’ which is in County Clare where my mother is from. I grew up with music, every family gathering included music. My uncle and cousins on my Dad’s side played music and I sang with them from a young age.
Do you play any instruments and for how long have you been playing?
I play the keyboard, chords are nothing fancy but I use them as a compositional tool rather than a performance one. I’ve been dabbling for many years but I’m working on improving my ability to play in front of others, I get really nervous. I’m learning guitar too.
How would you describe your sound? 
Melodic funky pop. I love soul, funk, and RnB music the most. Rock, Hip Hop NeoSoul, and Electronic music are also passions of mine.
What bands and musicians did you grow up on? 
Motown, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Bill Withers, Marvin Gaye, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Queen, David Bowie, Tina Turner, The Kinks, T-Rex, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones to name a few. 
Are you a solo musician or do you have a band you perform with?
I’m a solo artist currently but I’m open to bringing a band together.
Okay, let’s talk about your new track, Leading Lady, when I hear that track, I feel a sense of empowerment and everyone deserves to be a leading lady, In your words what is the song about?
It’s really easy to let others talk you into things, make you do things that don’t feel right for you, and take a back seat in your own life. Leading Lady is about encouraging everyone who hears it, to take the leading role in your own life, step out of the shadows, and lead your life your way. 
Where was the track recorded and who worked on the track?
I wrote the song last August with five others in London. Two from Denmark, One from Norway, Germany, the UK, and myself from Ireland. We write together as a collective called 6Miles and decided to write my debut single as an artist.I struggled to have the courage to declare that I am an artist. I went toe to toe with all the lies I’d bought about myself that I was ugly and not good enough. It was a difficult writing process for me because of that. We performed it in its roughest state to our mentors whom we were in London to work with the day before and they sang the chorus back to us immediately after hearing it, which as a songwriter is one of the greatest thrills.  In November I traveled to Copenhagen to record the vocals with my co-writer Kristina Pedersen, she produced the vocals and sent them to our co-writer Miles Young in Germany who produced the track with me. We had a musician from the UK record bass and lead guitars for us in the UK. Miles mixed it in Germany and I got it mastered in Ireland. 
What was the recording process like?
Vocally it was a challenge, my inner critic was running riot during the process. I suffered imposter syndrome throughout it as I felt ridiculous singing I’m the Leading Lady it’s in my DNA when I was doubting myself so much.  But with Kristina’s help, I pushed through. We got there in the end and I’m so thrilled with how it turned out.
Can you explain your writing process when putting a song together?
It varies. If I’m writing alone I might start with a title, I write down phrases, book titles, or anything that captures my attention,  or I might start with a melody. If you can remember the melody after hearing it once then you’re onto something. Sometimes a phrase or title might spark the song a melody. when I have both working well together I go to the piano and work out chords that really support the melody. 
If I’m collaborating with others, my approach will be different. We might be writing a brief for a film or TV project or writing for a KPop artist. That shapes the writing process, then we work with the talent and skillset we have in the room to create the strongest song we can. Sometimes I’ll be the vocalist, and sometimes I won’t, it all depends on what the song requires and what fits the brief most effectively. In collaboration, I would mostly bring my vocal, melodic, lyrical, and harmonic skills to the table.
Do you play live and can you tell us that experience?
I have played live in the past but haven’t done much since the pandemic. As an experience, it is terrifying and exciting all at once. Being on stage has always felt like home to me. There is a comfort I experience performing songs for an audience that’s unlike anything else in my life. I hope to return to live performance soon.
Thank you for doing this interview, do you have any last messages for our readers?
I want your readers to know that they’re important. They matter. Life can make us feel overwhelmed and powerless. Music reminds us that we are more than we believe we are at times. I welcome them to my music to lift them on days when they need it. Music is medicine. It’s our North Star.
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