J’Something Is On A Journey With The Halfway Group To Get South Africa On Track To Better

Interviewed by Veruska De Vita


J’Something makes music, cooks food, and tries to be a good human being, according to his YouTube profile. Now, the Mi casa frontman has partnered with The Halfway Group to get South Africa On Track to Better.


What inspires you about South Africa, and how does this inspire your music? If you have an example, please share.

South Africa at the core is a community of people. We have what makes for a beautiful story. A bit of everything really … and therein lies all the inspiration a songwriter could ever dream of. We have love, we have pain, we have history and we have hope for a better future, but what inspires me the most about us is I find us to be a people that deals with the present moment well. We tend to stay optimistic through a lot and that particular point inspires me as a person.

What do you love about South African music?

I have always loved the color of our music. It’s our tone, our soul, our groove, our vibe … collectively it’s very cool. I am honored to be a part of it and to play a part in adding to the long history of musicians that this country has developed and continues to do so.

Which SA musicians/ bands have influenced you the most?

South African artists have inspired us as Mi Casa tremendously … for starters Mango Groove. This is a band that is very close to us. Mo-T’s dad was the original trumpeter for the band and their story and ability to bring people together really inspires us a lot. Another band would be Stimela. They were so ahead of their time, man. Their songwriting, their melodies, their groove …

What are your hopes for the country in support of the ongoing journey to a better South Africa?

My hope is always that we can unearth more joy whilst placing our maximum efforts towards equality across the board. The past is behind us AND it cannot be erased. We have to learn from it all and apply our learning to create the future we hope for. I hope this desire never becomes too “cheesy” for us to talk about because it’s really important. We as a band have very intentionally tried to play our part and will continue to do with the power of music and the love we receive from so many South Africans.


On Track to Better Campaign YouTube Video Link –


To listen to a collection of songs inspired by our people and our beautiful country, find the On Track to Better playlist on Spotify

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About Halfway Group

Halfway’s journey started in 1965 with a single filling station located roughly halfway between Durban and Port Shepstone. Since then, the journey has taken the Group across South Africa and Botswana and today the multi-award-winning Halfway Group is comprised of motoring and motoring services, as well as corporate services.
The primary business of the Group is in the Motor Industry, with brands such as Toyota (the largest brand within the group), Lexus, Ford, Nissan, Hyundai, Mazda, and more.
With over 23 independent dealerships in South Africa and Botswana, recent industry accolades include the 2022 Toyota SA Dealer of the Year (4th time), 2022 Hino Dealer of the Year (3rd time), and 2022 Lexus Dealer of the Year (3 rd time) awards. Furthermore, Halfway is the first Group to win all three highly sought after industry
awards in the same year.

For more on Halfway Group visit HERE

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